Information on Parallel Products

Canon localises its products to meet the needs of consumers in its different markets. Canon products intended for sale in the EEA* will come with different accessories, manuals and warranties than the version intended for sale in other global regions such as the USA.

Certain sellers are currently importing and selling Canon products which were never intended by Canon for sale in the EEA region, but for regions outside the EEA. Such products are commonly referred to in the consumer electronics industry as “parallel” products (also known as “grey”).

Difficulties associated with parallel products…

Consumers in the EEA may find that parallel products do not meet their expectations because the products were not localised by Canon for the EEA. Sellers of parallel products may in some cases attempt to localise the products themselves by adding, changing or removing certain accessories from a product, so a parallel product may contain:

  • an incorrect power cord or an adaptor which was not provided, or quality checked, by Canon;
  • the incorrect software discs or illegal copies of software which may not function;
  • a poor photocopy of the original manual;
  • a fake Canon European warranty, a warranty provided by a third party or no warranty at all; and
  • a device with a serial number which cannot be registered with Canon in the EEA.

Consumers should also be aware that parallel products may not be eligible for:

  • a European warranty;
  • European promotions including Canon’s Cashback offers; and
  • technical support.

In addition, consumers may find that, as with other goods imported from outside the country in which they are resident, import duties or customs charges may be imposed. It may also be difficult to obtain a refund from the seller under UK or EEA law if the seller is based outside the EEA.

Take care when purchasing from online sellers. Canon has received reports that some online sellers claim to be EEA-based (through the use of sophisticated websites) but are in fact based outside the EEA and ship parallel products to consumers from outside the EEA.

If in doubt about a seller or whether the products it sells are intended for the EEA, please refer to the “Where to buy” pages on Canon’s websites for a non-exhaustive list of in-store and online retailers selling products intended by Canon for sale in the EEA.

* EEA means Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein
Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia
Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and UK.