Canon improves the make-ready process for both in-house and commercial printers with launch of PRISMAprepare 6.2

LONDON, 10 July 2015 – Canon Europe, world-leader in imaging solutions, is launching PRISMAprepare 6.2, the latest version of its all-in-one, fully integrated document preparation software. This solution streamlines the make-ready process from composition to production to help both in-house and commercial printing professionals shorten production turnaround times, expand their capabilities, boost productivity and reduce operational costs.

The new version of the device-independent software strengthens its support for the in-house printing market and extends its functionality to the benefit of commercial printers and copy shops in the graphic arts segment. PRISMAprepare now optimises the productivity capabilities of the high-end Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices, the full ranges of Canon varioPrint and Canon imagePRESS and the Océ VarioPrint line-up. It also supports a variety of other colour and black and white production cut-sheet printers.

Building on its reputation as a professional and productive make-ready application, PRISMAprepare 6.2 includes the following new features:

Content Editing – This function allows a print service provider (PSP) to easily make last-minute changes to the contents of a document, avoiding the need to send the document back to the customer for re-submission and improving turnaround time.

Using the Content Editing function, the PSP can make minor changes and corrections to the text, such as amending typographical errors, copy and move graphical PDF (Portable Document Format) objects inside the document and select a bitmap area of a scanned image and copy and move it inside the document. Addressing an issue more specific to the graphic arts market, the function also allows colour adjustment to be applied simultaneously to multiple images, even if on different pages.

Soft Proof – Saving time, reducing errors and enhancing customer satisfaction, the Soft Proof function allows the PSP, prior to production, to provide the print buyer with an exact digital preview of the physical document to be printed. Using the function, a document is prepared for production, media are assigned, page programming is applied and finishing is selected. A PDF file of the prepared document is then generated and sent to the print buyer, who is easily able to check that every detail of the document meets their expectations. If any errors in the prepared document are identified, the buyer can annotate the file and send it back to the PSP for correction. This process provides the print buyer with a much quicker and more convenient method of validating the prepared document pre-production and also reduces paper waste.

PDF Boxes – Providing improved support for PDF bleed, trim and crop boxes for advanced graphic arts applications, this feature allows the PSP to preview and create or modify the size and position of the PDF boxes from the PRISMAprepare interface. The system also makes it possible to fill the bleed area with one colour selected from the system colour palette or from the document using the colour picker.

Native File Support – Saving time and improving the PSP’s productivity , PRISMAprepare 6.2 can open and print Microsoft® Office documents (Word, PowerPoint® and Excel®) without converting them outside the application. Again this saves the PSP valuable time, enabling a quicker job turnaround, while also optimising the print quality by being able to control the conversion settings.

ErnstJan de Bruin, European & UK Product business Developer (PRISMA Solutions), Canon Europe said, “PRISMAprepare already has a sound reputation in the larger CRD market as a powerful, yet easy-to-use, document make-ready solution. With the new version of the software, we’re introducing features and licensing to address issues faced by graphic arts customers, as well as by smaller CRDs, which enable them to improve turnaround time and production flexibility, while maximising productivity and output quality. The inclusion of the Soft Proof feature alone also makes the software excellent value for money as it gives a level of functionality only otherwise seen in significantly more expensive software packages.”

Available immediately either direct from Canon or through an authorised reseller, PRISMAprepare 6.2 comes in three different types of licence: Full, Light and Solo.

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