Environment – Protecting the environment and supporting our customers

We design our products with the environment in mind and often include recycled materials. We minimise the energy that our products use when being operated, so customers save resources, and we anticipate how they can be remanufactured, re-used or recycled at the end of their life. By maximising resource efficiency, we reduce the amount of new natural resources we need in our products.

Recognising that two-thirds of product lifecycle CO² emissions relate to customers’ use of products and the raw materials and parts produced by suppliers, we increasingly offer tailored services and solutions to help our customers operate more efficiently and effectively. This helps them reduce their own environmental impact while enjoying innovative, safe products and saving money. Find out more about our solutions and services.

Produce - Use - Recycle
We follow a ‘ProduceUseRecycle’ lifecycle approach for all our products.

Canon’s Produce-Use-Recycle process

We take responsibility for the impact of our activities and their effect on the natural environment, in line with our corporate philosophy of Kyosei. Our environmental charter [PDF 114KB] outlines the key steps we take to achieve a balance between sustainable growth and prosperity, responsible resource use and reduced environmental impact. These actions help to mitigate climate change.

In our offices and business operations we aim to minimise our own impact by adopting standard policies across EMEA. Read more about our business operations.

Our efforts to reduce our environmental impact and help mitigate climate change have been recognised by several awards:
• Our score on the Climate Counts scorecard is 66/100.
• We are 29th in Interbrand’s 2012 Best Global Green Brands.
• The Reputation Institute ranks us 9th in its list of the World’s Most Reputable Companies (2012)

Canon EMEA Sustainability Report 2013
See a glossary of environmental terms.
Read our environmental charter [PDF 114KB]

Find out how Canon supports society and fulfils our social responsibilities.

Find out how Canon complies with organisational governance laws and regulations.

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