Lens Guru FAQs

Start the app by tapping the icon on your device’s Home screen. When you see the EOS 1200D Companion welcome screen, start navigating though the app using the menu icon in the top-left corner of the page.

To navigate to a section in the app (e.g. Getting started), tap the corresponding option in the menu. Note that some menu items expand to show sub-sections when they’re tapped.

In the app’s main menu, tap on About and then Send Feedback. We’re keen to hear your feedback on the app, whether it's good or bad. We’d also love to hear your suggestions on how we could improve the EOS 1200D Companion app.

Search for ‘Canon EOS 1200D Companion’ in the App Store on your device, and select it from the search results by tapping the icon. When the app’s page loads, tap the Free button to install it. To avoid mobile network data charges download the app over Wi-Fi. Alternatively, download EOS 1200D Companion from iTunes on your PC or Mac. Search for the app by name in the iTunes Store, and choose it from the search results by clicking its icon. Click the Free button to download. EOS 1200D Companion will install on your iPhone or iPod Touch next time you sync your device with your PC or Mac.

If the Canon Lens Guru app is updated in iTunes or the Play Store you will be notified via your device.

On your iPhone or iPod Touch go to the Updates tab on the App Store app to download the update. If you have turned on automatic updates (only available in iOS7) the updated app will automatically download to your device.

On your Android smartphone follow the prompts on your device, or go to Play Store and select My apps via the menu button to download the update.

After initial installation the application will need to download video content and the manual over the internet (to avoid data charges it is recommended that this is done over Wi-Fi). After this point all content is stored on your device and can be used offline, without the need for an internet connection.