Renowned photographer Gary Knight takes his photography business one step further - with a personal touch

Aged 24 and having saved up enough money, Knight travelled to South-East Asia, where he spent several years learning the ropes of photojournalism and secured his first assignment for Newsweek magazine. He spent the next ten years travelling the world for US and European publications, photographing events involving global health issues, political issues, environmental disasters, conflicts and civil disturbances. A career-lifetime user of Canon cameras, six years ago Knight acquired a 60” wide Canon imagePROGRAF, which he uses to print his photographs for exhibitions and for sale, and from which he’s become inseparable: “I wouldn’t change this printer for the world – unless Canon make a better one, of course!”


"I’ve had this printer now for six years and there’s no way I would consider buying anything else. It really does whatever I ask it to do and would ever ask it to do and it does it really well and really consistently. I’m thrilled with it – in fact, it’s my favourite piece of equipment."

Gary Knight