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Intelligent software: maximum control and productivity.

Each of our scanners comes with a collection of software that adds extra features, optimises image quality, and makes it easier to operate for maximum productivity. See below for the benefits that our software bundles can bring and download our software matrix for information on which scanner meets your needs:

Provides easy and effective scanning, including simple one-touch operation for routine tasks such as scan-to-email or scan-to-desktop. Users can quickly convert their paper documents to multiple file formats (eg PDF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP and PowerPoint) and can also scan documents directly into 3rd party applciation (eg SharePoint , Evernote). For a simple document filing solution, create searchable PDF documents that enable easy textbased search and retrieval. A plug-in SDK is also available for customised connectivity. 

CaptureOnTouch Lite
This software is embedded in the P-215 mobile scanner. It offers unique portability and convenience while on the move, allowing fast and effortless connectivity without the need to install any drivers or application software. A plug-in SDK is also available for customised connectivity.

Batch scan documents quickly and easily with this intuitive application that offers multi-window and thumbnail views alongside flexible and powerful batch output options.

• Scan directly to email, PDF, file or presentation at the touch of a button.
• Register routine jobs, and edit, rearrange or manage files effortlessly.
• Obtain precise digital documents every time with a range of features that improve legibility, remove skew and improve the sharpness of images.
• Customise functionality quickly and easily with a readily-available SDK.

eCopy PDF Pro Office (for Windows)
A powerful, easy to use desktop PDF solution that creates, edits and converts PDF files, enabling collaboration like never before for dramatic productivity gains and cost savings. (for Windows)

• Combine files and remove or replace pages with drag and drop ease.
• Open PDF files directly into Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint as fully editable documents.
• Automatically find words in the scanned document and mark them with redaction (black-out) highlights, underlines or cross-out.
• Scan hard copy form and use FormTyper™ to convert it into a electronic fillable PDF form that you can complete, save and email.
• Connect seamlessly to leading document and content management systems. 

Presto! BizCard Reader (for Windows & Mac)
Quickly and easily converts contact information scanned from business cards into a searchable database that can be synchronised with your other contact files. 

• Stores contact information in a searchable digital database that can be synchronized with a PC (using Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express) or PDA.
• User-friendly GUI to compare and edit text information against the scanned image.
• “One-click” synchronization with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Act!, Lotus Notes, Palm Computing platform and Windows Mobile devices.
• Export contact data as CSV format that provides a wider range of application data exchange. 

PaperPort (for Windows)
The easy way to manage your documents, with software that organises all your scanned documents and electronic files to help you find the information you need.

• Helps you quickly find, use and share documents.
• Uses the Windows folder system on your local PC— not a proprietary database—for easy management of your existing folders and files.
• Scan directly to PDF.
• Merge PDF files together.
• Easily share documents via email, fax or print.
• Custom toolbar allows users to drag and drop files to various folders or open them in various applications (such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, SharePoint and more). 

OmniPage (for Windows)
OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology that converts your scanned documents and transforms them into digital content that can be edited, searched and shared.

• Accurate OCR conversion in over 119 languages.
• Maintains the look of the original document with font matching Page Analysis ensures that document elements such as tables and spreadsheets are formatted correctly.
• Intuitive Proofreader to check and edit converted documents with greater speed and ease.
• Direct OCR: scan and perform OCR from directly within your favorite program (Word, Excel, etc).

Presto! PageManager (for Mac)
Powerful filing software for the Mac platform that enables you to store, organise and edit your scanned digital documents.

• Can scan, edit, search and send to other applications.
• Can stack not only image files but also together with the various files other than image files for more effective file management. (File Stacking).
• Can select multiple files then transfer them to specified folder or attach them to mail or convert them to PDF file at a chip. (Document Pallet).
• Can see various file format without activating other application software. (All-in-one PageViewer).

Scan direct to Evernote, a cloud-based (web) data management application. Once scanned, documents can be retrieved from anywhere around the world using your PC, Mac or smart phone.

Information uploaded can be managed and organized with tag information, and Evernote supports OCR function for handwritten notes allowing key word search.

To find out more go to (Scan-to job connectivity included with Canon P-215
and DR-C125 scanners).