PRISMAspool offers professional print management for centralized and distributed production printing, from a MS Windows environment. The user-friendly GUI and advanced features like accounting, error recovery or repositioning enable an easy control of your print operations.


  • Spooling of PCL, PS & PDF jobs
  • Accurate accounting to control costs
  • Controlled interruption and repositioning of print jobs
  • Error recovery
  • Reprint queue for job security

Detailed Features

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Print management for the professional user

The standard MS Windows spooling capabilities are perfect for desktop printing but in professional printing environments, they can be too limited. Especially when it comes to high speed output, accounting or error recovery, professional users expect more.

PRISMAspool offers such a professional spooling systems. It supports a complete range of printers, from simple desktop printers up to high speed continuous feed production printers. Its accounting capabilities enable to control costs related to spooling and printing. Error recovery, controlled interruption and repositioning of print jobs, reprint queue, input filters for job automation, PCL barcode support, extended Windows Job Ticket, remote administration, etc. — PRISMAspool provides all features required for transactional, variable data printing.

Product Specification

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