Canon for Retail


“We had to really think about what the customer wanted, whether the product we were selling them was actually the solution for them. We needed a consultancy approach to gain insights in our customer drivers.”

Roland Laschet, Managing Director, Staples Benelux

Retail solutions and services created by specialists

Canon business solutions for retail can help you reduce information complexity, improve data protection, compliance and surveillance management, drive operational efficiencies and gain competitive advantage. From supplier management and procurement through order fulfilment to improving the customer experience we can help you maintain your competitive advantage while controlling costs.

Our solutions and services

Canon retail solutions help you ensure that the right information reaches the right place and the right person at the right time. By linking and optimising essential processes and communications – for example across the supply chain and with customers - we can help you get products to market more effectively, improve surveillance and security, drive footfall, reduce costs and free up administrative time to focus on other, more profitable activities.