Canon LS-120TSG


This 12 digit compact desktop calculator has a large LCD display and offers convenient business and tax calculation functions. It's part-manufactured from recycled Canon product material, for maximum resource efficiency.


  • 12 digit mini-desktop calculator
  • Part-manufactured from recycled Canon product material
  • Large LCD display
  • Business and tax calculation functions
  • Key roll over for fast entry
  • Dual power source: solar & replaceable battery
  • Auto power-off

Detailed Features

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Sustainable design

The LS-120TSG is a 12-digit compact desktop calculator that is part-manufactured from Canon recycled product material, promoting sustainable use of finite natural resources.

Large, clear LCD display

This compact calculator has a large, upright angled LCD display, so figures are easy to read at a glance. A spacious keyboard - with big, durable plastic key tops - ensures effortless and accurate operation. Key roll over functionality allows speedy entry of figures without keys blocking. Reliable, efficient and with a smart grey and gold finish, the compact LS-120TSG is ideal for everyday business, office and home use.

Time-saving business and tax calculations

Simplify complex calculations and save time. Work out your profit margins automatically with separate cost-sell-margin keys, without the need for complex formulae. Determine tax rate differentials at a touch, thanks to the two handy tax calculation keys. Other functions include a 'calculation command sign' key for checking the calculator status - as well as shift, percentage and sign change keys.

Energy-saving efficiency

The LS-120TSG features a practical dual power source. Solar power ensures maximum energy saving, whilst back-up battery power means this calculator never lets you down whatever the light conditions. The 'auto power-off' function switches the calculator off when not in use, saving even more energy. Also your calculator has a replaceable battery for a long life, unlike some calculators that have to be disposed of after single battery use.

Product Specification

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