Canon F-502G


This 10 + 2 digit, 1-line display basic Scientific Calculator features 140 functions. It is part-manufactured from Canon recycled product material, making it ideal for people interested in sustainable consumption.


  • 10 + 2 digit, 1-line display Scientific Calculator
  • Part-manufactured from recycled Canon product material
  • 140 functions in total
  • 15 levels of Parenthesis
  • 1 independent memory
  • Protective hard cover
  • Auto power-off function

Detailed Features

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Sustainable design

The F-502G 10 + 2 digit, 1-line display Scientific Calculator is part-manufactured from recycled Canon product material. This maximises resource efficiency and minimises wastage. It’s a more sustainable approach that will be especially appreciated by young people requiring their first scientific calculator.

140 extensive functions

This comprehensive calculator contains all the essential functions required for Elementary Level Secondary School students. It features a convenient independent memory. A total of 140 functions* include 15 levels of Parenthesis, trigonometric and statistical calculations, coordinate conversion, angle units and fractorial, combination and permutation calculations. Whatever is needed in class, this complete calculator is ready to provide the right answer.

Streamlined design, clear LCD display

A slim, streamlined design makes this calculator easy to hold in the palm of the hand. It’s robust and reliable and comes with a practical, protective hard cover. The large and clear LCD display is easy to read. Entering information and selecting functions is extra easy, thanks to the big, durable plastic key tops. Everything is designed to ensure simple, hassle-free operation.

Energy efficient

An auto power-off function switches the calculator off automatically after 7 minutes when not in use, so there’s no energy wastage. Memory protection safeguards ongoing work when power is switched off.

* see specifications for further details

Product Specification

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