Automation paves the way for business growth and enhanced internal efficiencies

Finding ways to become more efficient as a business while simultaneously diversifying the service portfolio in line with customer demand calls for innovative thinking and a collaborative ethos – two things that have formed the core values of KnowledgePoint since its inception in 1997. As print volumes grew dramatically and diversification into new areas brought new customers on-board – as well as additional work from existing clients – KnowledgePoint recognised that to maintain the same fast turnarounds synonymous with its brand, it would need to look closely at internal efficiencies and to future-proof the business with up to date technology for further anticipated growth.


“Canon’s approach to helping us meet our business challenges reflects our own methodology and this is always appreciated. It is this relationship that will be key to any future investments we make. We have been happy working with Canon up to this point and will certainly continue working with them in the future.”

Andre Philpot, Operations Director, KnowledgePoint