Spandau Digital prints newspapers by inkjet - all web-fed

MSG GmbH Berlin is currently the only company in Germany producing daily newspapers by way of digital print. With the Océ ColorStream 3700, the company, which specialises in providing service and advising clients has opened up a niche for itself in a world which to this very day is being dominated by rotary print. there are many other special products, from pharmaceutical inserts to photo film for laminates that Canon‘s digital print system can produce.


"The ColorStream 3700 is opening up rewarding specialist markets for our business, and digital printing is set to establish itself increasingly in the newspaper market to supply regional markets with small runs and save transport costs. This printing systems’ outstanding technological design ensures top quality for a broad range of print products and constant and thus highly efficient production cycles."

Werner Suhr, Managing Director, Spandau Digital, powered by MSG