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Manufacturers are under constant pressure to increase productivity, drive business growth and remain competitive. We also recognise that speed in decision-making and process execution is crucial whilst tackling changing regulations, emerging market opportunities and fluctuating customer demands.

In the face of these challenges, manufacturers need to find smarter ways of reducing complexity by improving how they work with documents and information. According to recent research*, 80% of operational data is not stored in a database as the documents are unstructured and complex.

With over 70 years heritage in the manufacturing industry developing innovative business imaging solutions, Canon are uniquely positioned to offer manufacturers of all scales the help you need to reduce information complexity and propel your business to the next level.

*Source: IDC Manufacturing Insights, 2013

Meeting your challenges at every step

At Canon, we have the expertise to work closely with you to address the key document and information management related challenges facing the industry today, including:

  • Overcoming a mountain of information complexity
  • Keeping ahead of a compliance minefield
  • Improving service levels and remaining competitive

Read on to find out how Canon can help.

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Reducing information complexity

Many manufacturers are complex and full of silo’s, all possessing large volumes of information relating to operations, product specifications and supply chain – in certain sub-industries like automotive, electronics and food and drinks, there is also a huge amount of market and consumer information. Without the capability to overcome this silo mentality, manufacturers can expect inefficiencies, duplication of effort and missed opportunities to chip away at profitability.

Working with you every step of the way, we can help you take advantage of the latest Canon technologies enabling you to reduce your information complexities and aid the flow of information.

Meeting compliance standards

Ensuring your organisation meets continually evolving regulation requirements provides you with a costly and time consuming compliance minefield, both of which could be better spent on attracting new talent to the industry, or investing more in R&D.

The importance of compliance cannot be ignored as any mismanagement of information can lead to fines or disruptions to the supply chain – each with major financial implications.

That is why Canon continually invests in developing solutions that provide you with secure access and visibility of information whilst protecting you from unnecessary risks – freeing up your time to focus on more profitable activities, rather than being concerned with the conformity of your document and information management.

    Maintaining competitive advantage

    Sharing information speedily around the organisation is essential to the long-term success of any manufacturing business. In fact, research shows that 85% of manufacturers say increasing the speed of business processes is key to speeding up decision-making capability**.

    But this collaboration doesn’t always come naturally with cluttered processes preventing businesses in our industry from implementing long term strategies. With Canon, you can facilitate effective information sharing by integrating your business processes ensuring that the right information reaches the desired location, you adapt to change faster and ultimately shorten time to market.

    **Source: IDC 2011 Global Survey, N = 378

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