Océ Arizona 1280 XT

Océ Arizona 1280 XT

Building on its market-leading predecessor, the new Océ Arizona® 1280 XT extra-large true flatbed printer offers unparalleled image quality alongside outstanding versatility across both flexible and rigid media applications.


  • 8 channel VariaDot™ imaging technology for near-photo quality and application versatility
  • Varnish and White ink support for decorative and creative applications
  • Light Magenta and Light Cyan support for superb near-photo print quality
  • Extra-large flatbed architecture with additional Roll Media Option
  • Excellent productivity with output speeds of up to 35m² per hour
  • Continuous printing thanks to dual origins and two independent vacuum systems
  • Easy and reliable media positioning through pneumatic registration pins
  • Automated Printhead Maintenance Option for consistent performance print after print
  • Improved productivity through new intelligent operator panel functions
  • Active Pixel Placement Compensation delivers accurate results across the whole table

Detailed Features

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The ultimate print quality

The Océ Arizona 1200 series of printers, including the new extra-large Arizona 1280 XT, takes the industry-leading Océ Arizona 400 series to a new level. The Arizona 1280 XT represents the highest quality extra-large true flatbed printer designed for mid-volume users. With its award-winning 8 channel Océ VariaDot imaging technology, the Arizona 1280 XT can use Light Cyan and Light Magenta inks to deliver the smoothest highlights and quartertones for fine art and photographic applications, or it can use the proven CM² ink configuration for fast and smooth production printing as demanded by sign and display applications.

Sustained quality across all media

By enhancing the Arizona range's industry-proven true extra-large flatbed architecture, the Arizona 1280 XT delivers stunning print quality on rigid media. For added versatility, choose the integrated Roll Media Option to achieve uncompromising print quality with flexible media applications. You're assured of accurate, uniform print geometry across the entire print area thanks to Active Pixel Placement Compensation.

Breathtaking application versatility

With the ability to print on a wide variety of media and objects in full colour, print service providers can capture revenue from a wide range of application. The Arizona 1280 XT includes White ink for printing on non-white or transparent media and Varnish for access to high value applications using spot varnish. Enjoy offering applications including standard sign and display (POP/POS, retail signage and backlit signs), through to specialist applications where the decorated substrate is not meant primarily for display purposes, e.g. package prototyping, short run and custom packaging, membrane switch overlays, relief printing, and object decoration. Maximise revenues by creating complete full mixed-media campaigns with just one Arizona 1280 XT.

Flexible, versatile and productive

Thanks to its extra-large table size, almost any imaginable assignment is easy to achieve using media or objects of any size - up to 50.8mm thick and as large as 2.5 x 3.08m. Adding the Roll Media Option extends your choice of applications to almost any flexible media up to 2.2 m wide. The third-generation UV curing system ensures impressive results with even the thinnest, most heat-sensitive media. Impress customers and work more efficiently using the high-speed Production Fast mode that delivers high-quality output at an impressive 26.0 m²/h.

Superb reliability and precision

You'll rapidly achieve beautiful prints time after time thanks to the Arizona 1280 XT's smart productivity features. Dual origins and independent vacuums systems keep jobs flowing smoothly by enabling simultaneous printing, media loading and unloading. Pneumatic registration pins on the flatbed table enable consistent and easy loading of rigid media in perfect register. While a seven-zone vacuum system, optimised for standard rigid media sizes, virtually eliminates the need for manual table masking.

Enhanced ease of operation

Great new printing operations such as Step and Repeat and Mirror are now available on the printer's control panel. So you can easily make last minute adjustments to your production plan. An updated vacuum system provides both high-flow vacuum for effective pull-down of warped rigid media and high-pressure vacuum for reliable media hold-down during printing.

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