Mirage Canon Edition

Mirage Edition

Mirage is the most advanced professional print plug-in for a range of applications including Adobe© Photoshop, Illustrator© and InDesign©. Designed to allow users to work faster and more efficiently, Mirage is perfect for the production of photography and fine art and for print service providers, offering the highest print quality available in one simple, fast and flexible solution. With no length limitations and outstanding flexibility, Mirage gives you the power to bring creative projects to life.


  • Expensive misprints are a thing of the past with one intuitive, simple and professional layout
  • Print multiple images at the same time, minimising waste and saving time
  • Create a ‘soft proof’ with exact results on the Mirage preview window*
  • Supports all colour modes
  • Mirage Stand-Alone allows you to print without a host application. Simply drag, drop and print
  • Supports an unlimited number of printers with just one license
  • Mirage has absolutely no length limitations – if your application can handle it, Mirage can print it

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Product Specification

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  • Canon
  • ARCH 000 Mirage Canon Edition