Behind the lens: The Morrall Family


Amy Morrall is a photographer and mother of three. She is based in Devon, England where she works with her husband Andy.

Her style is natural and effortless, telling stories and giving the viewer little glimpses into her idyllic life. She loves to focus on her children as the subject of her work, capturing their day-to-day and celebrating their creativity and unique way of living.

Amy loves to share her images on social media sites such as Tumblr where she has gained thousands of followers, who constantly comment on how beautiful, fun and dreamy her images are.


Meet the first of our 7-year-old twin sisters and budding photographers, Primrose. Primrose’s favourite thing in the whole wide world is her cat Snoopy.

However, unlike Snoopy who loves to sleep all day, Primrose has a tendency to never sit still and is always busy looking and learning from everything around her.

At school she loves to express her creative side and is always drawing. Other loves include swimming, camping and watching the colours of the sun setting. Primrose also loves to eat Sushi and as you’ll know from reading about her trip to London, Mac and cheese – just so long as it’s vegetarian. When Primrose grows up she wants to be a vet. Looks like Snoopy is in good hands, then.


Maggie is Primrose’s favourite person. And vice versa. But when it comes to Maggie’s favourite thing in the world, her Daddy Andy wins hands down.

Like Primrose, Maggie is always on the go and the joker of the two. She loves to play all day in her garden where she has all the room she needs to cartwheel and play her favourite game of “it” with her sister.

Maggie is inspired by colours, especially her favourite, blue and loves to dance at home beneath bright blue skies. When she grows up she wants to be a pop star, but don’t count on her singing the blues – her thing is knocking out a decent freestyle rap in the back of the car. Which, we guess, is when Daddy joins in.

See more images of London taken by Maggie, Primrose, Amy and Andy below.

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