Behind the lens: Callum Whiteley and Adrian Morris

Callum Whiteley Adrian Morris

Callum Whiteley

Whiteley is an animator and videographer based in Bristol, UK. He is well known for his films which capture the excitement and colours of some the UK's biggest music festivals and, in addition to his work for sport, music and fashion brands, Callum enjoys shooting travel videos whenever he is on the road. His recent trip to Istanbul, Turkey, was a perfect opportunity to do just that. Watch it

Adrian Morris

Often going by the name of Mowgli, Adrian Morris is an Australian illustrator, photographer, designer and adventure seeker. He loves travelling and his photography has taken him to Burma, Peru, India, Turkey, Italy and Morocco. His work has also appeared in numerous publications around the world including HUCK Magazine, Lifetime Collective and Desillusion.

Check out Adrian’s photos of Istanbul in the gallery below.

Check out more of Mowgli's photos on his website and Callum’s work on his website