Group Photography Tips

For many photographers group portraits can be difficult to get right; impatient subjects, difficult to pose and always one person looking the wrong way! So, some creative thinking can overcome these obstacles.

<Watch as this photographer gives his group photos a different dimension>

Get your friends in on the act. One simple way to overcome all of these problems is to engage them in an activity. Catch your group in mid-air not only delivers an interesting action shot but it also always puts a smile on their faces. Keep your shutter speed high to freeze the action.

Play with perspective. Look for ways to confuse the viewer by making the photo not quite what it seems. This is great fun for the models as well as the photographer. Encourage your friends to come up with some ideas, and make sure you share with them what effects are being created.

Interesting distortion. Another way to add interest and variation to your portraits is to shoot with speciality lenses. Fish-eye or tilt and shift lens have specific uses but can also produce great results when used to capture portraits. Many compact cameras offer a fish-eye effect you can try out.

Props can bring your portraits to life. Look around for things that will add interest and additional framing options to your shots. Bringing an old picture frame for people to pose with is a great idea.

Using an old picture frame, not only provides a prop for your models to play with, it produces interesting images that otherwise can look a bit ordinary.

Experimentation is key and don’t forget the basics with lighting, camera settings and model direction. Follow these steps and you will be well on your way to producing some really eye-catching portraits.

We hope these tips give you some great ideas on how to take portrait photos with a difference. Don’t forget once you have taken some shots you are proud of, share them by uploading to the Canon Gallery.