Create your very own personalised family photo album

Follow our step-by-step guide and compile a photo album filled with treasured memories.
A Canon PIXMA printer on a table with scissors, silver ribbon and pictures surrounding it.

Maintaining relationships has never been more important. At a time when we're increasingly distant from our family and friends, valuing every moment shared with loved ones is key. The family album was a true staple in every household and it deserves to be revived. So, instead of buying one, why not take the time to create your very own personalised collection of memories that truly reflects who you are as a family?

Scrapbooking is the perfect creative outlet for making and customising photo albums with decorative visual elements. With a whole host of templates available on the Creative Park app and website, and thanks to the smart technologies built into Canon's range of PIXMA wireless printers and the easy-to-use functions of the SELPHY Photo Layout app, which works with Canon's SELPHY range, you can set up your very own creative studio.

Check out this tutorial for a step-by-step guide on how to create your own bespoke photo album.

A Canon PIXMA printer and a SELPHY QX10 on a table with printed photos and crafting materials.

Prepare everything you need for this task and make it a fun family activity.

1. Choose your decorative elements

A picture of a girl and a boy on the beach with their grandparents. Underneath it and next to it are different patterned papers and a handcrafted flower, all in shades of pink.

Choose from tens of scrapbook decorations on the Creative Park website or app to make your album special.

The Creative Park website offers a wide range of design elements you can use for your scrapbook, including cut-out patterns, scrapbook kits, original photo frames and more.

You can also download the easy-to-use Creative Park app from the App Store or Google Play. All you need is a Canon ID and a supported Canon printer. The templates available on the app are organised into various categories. The app's user-friendly design allows you to quickly find the section you're looking for.

We used four patterned papers for the inside of our album, but there are many more to choose from the Creative Park. Add a 3D effect with flowers or find another sticker that fits the theme of the page and print it using your PIXMA printer. We recommend Matte Photo Paper for all the decorative parts of the album.

2. Create the inner pages

SELPHY Square QX10 printing and image of a family on bikes. On the table there are multiple colourful patterned paper sheets and photos of different sizes of the same family.

Let your imagination run wild with Creative Park and the SELPHY Photo Layout app, and choose the photos and design elements to create your very own personalised album.

Print photos in different sizes to add some variety to your album. Canon photo paper for PIXMA printers comes in a whole range of sizes and finishes. If you choose to print on your SELPHY printer, use the SELPHY Photo Layout app and create collages from photos of different aspect ratios.

Our photos have been printed using the Canon SELPHY Square QX10 and SELPHY CP1300 printer. You can add creative touches to your pictures, such as stamps, filters, borders, text and overlays, with the SELPHY Photo Layout app. Additionally, the self-adhesive backing on prints from the SELPHY Square QX10 makes it easy to stick them into a scrapbook with no mess.

Once you have everything printed, simply cut and stick the various elements, layering them following the template's instructions or your own design.

3. Build the album cover

Scrapbook photo album page in pink and cover in green with photos and decorations on it.

Add frames and stamps in the SELPHY Photo Layout app and print your photos on the Canon SELPHY CP1300 or SELPHY Square QX10 printer.

Now we're on to the DIY part of the tutorial: constructing the cover for your handcrafted album.

We've chosen the "Beginner's Kit (Family)" template on the Creative Park website and printed it using the Canon PIXMA TS5340a printer. We used both flexible cardboard (e.g. a cereal box) and rigid cardboard (e.g. a shoe box, parcel packaging) to build the base of the album cover using a craft knife and glue/scotch tape.

You can use many things found around the house, like wire and ribbon or something that fits the theme of the album, to create decorative elements. Layer and glue them onto the patterned paper to complete your creation.

4. Assemble your personalised photo album

Album pages in pink with a glue tube on top of them.

You can create many smaller albums, each with a different theme.

All that's left to do is assemble all of your pages together with the cover to create your very own handcrafted album. And it couldn't be easier! Simply fold a flap along each of your pages, and stick it to the inner spine of your cover from as far left as possible.

Now you can look through treasured memories or give your album to family or friends for special occasions. It's the perfect gift for Mother's Day, Grandparents' Day or birthdays.

If you want to improve your family photography skills, check out those tips from Canon Ambassador, Helen Bartlett.

For more inspiration, check out our Pinterest page and share your creations with us using the #MadeWithPixma hashtag.

Written by Claire Kaleta and Agi Wojcik

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