17 May 2017; Canon is looking for someone to fill a very unique position as it begins its search for the ultimate storyteller. The lucky person will spend a year chasing summer across the globe in order to identify 365 inspiring stories.

  • Canon on the hunt for a storyteller to spend a year identifying and living 365 new stories across the globe
  • Job of a lifetime applications being judged by famous storyteller, Zoë Kravitz

200 million photos are uploaded to Facebook, and 95 million videos and photos are uploaded to Instagram, every single day1 . As a result, the art of storytelling is getting lost in an ocean of selfies, cats and infamous avocado brunches.

In response to a culture where photos are being shared more than stories, Canon opens applications for one person to inspire us all to ‘Live For The Story’ and bring back the art of storytelling. Applications for this unique role will be taken via Instagram and judged by actress, producer, musician and storyteller, Zoë Kravitz.

The successful candidate will chase summer all over the world, visiting destinations from Lisbon to Melbourne to Brazil, curating their own story of the summer.

Those who think they have what it takes to inspire people to find their own stories can apply by sharing their most memorable summer story on Instagram with the story behind it (no more than 50 words), tagging their local Canon handle and #LiveForTheStory. Submissions will be judged on a number of elements including storytelling ability, visual appeal, originality and inspirational qualities. The successful candidate will be required to travel the world chasing summer in order to identify 365 inspiring stories throughout the course of the job. The role is all expenses paid and, of course, offers a holiday allowance of 365 days per annum.

Zoë Kravitz said: “Summer is a time of spontaneity and living in the moment. We want to encourage people to live every second to the fullest, because it’s then that the best stories can happen.”

Canon’s storyteller will be tasked with identifying 365 new summer stories throughout the year, bringing back the art of storytelling and inspiring people to make the most of every moment in their life. The journey they choose is for them to decide, it will be their story to create and inspire.

Lee Bonniface, Canon EMEA Consumer Marketing Director, said “Every moment has the potential to be important, even more so in the summer when we are open to new challenges and experiences. We are on the hunt for someone to inspire us, to help us ‘Live For The Story’ every day and ensure none of us miss those special moments.”

To inspire others to enter, Zoë has created her own personal story of summer that reflects the spontaneity of some of her favourite summers in New York. To watch Zoë’s film and to find out more details about 365 Days of Summer simply visit

1200 million photos are uploaded to Facebook, and 95 million videos and photos are uploaded to Instagram, every single day