1 August 2017 - Canon’s winning ‘Storyteller’ has today been crowned following a European search for a candidate to spend a year chasing summer across the globe. Lília Sofia Pereira Aleixo Lobão, 34, from Portugal, beat off 16,000 other entrants to earn the title and begin her trip of a lifetime.

Zoë Kravitz chooses Lília Sofia Pereira Aleixo Lobão from Portugal to chase summer across the world with Canon for 365 days.

Judged by actress, musician and storyteller, Zoë Kravitz, the winning image is a unique and inspiring story. It captured the heart of Kravitz who explained, "I chose this picture because it made me curious. It made me want to know about this moment, and this story. It is simple, honest and interesting. "

The image features an inhabitant of the small Portuguese village Avieiros, along the Tagus river, on a trip Lília took to explore the culture there following a photography course she undertook. Avieiros consists of wooden houses built on stilts that protect the nomadic fishing community from the rising waters. Lília got fully acquainted with the community as they welcomed her into their homes, discussing their traditions, family and history, before allowing her to capture their lives, stories and moments.

In a bid to portray the lives of the people of Avieiros the winning Instagram caption reads: ‘Travel is to know new cultures, people, their experiences, customs, colours, aromas, lights ... capture these moments and live them!’

Kravitz continued: “Even though this competition is now over, I hope it has inspired the world to keep creating memories and chasing stories.”

Lília is now tasked with curating her own trip which sees her identifying 365 new summer stories throughout the year. During this adventure of a lifetime, she will use her Instagram storytelling expertise to inspire the world to ‘Live for the story’.

Commenting on what her trip will entail, Lília said: “I haven’t decided the final trip yet, though I am sure that I want to explore lots of cultures and capture every special moment.”

The competition was launched in May this year in response to a culture where photos are being shared more than stories. Canon opened applications for one person to inspire us all to ‘Live for the story’ and bring back the art of storytelling. The entry mechanic was simple; share your most memorable summer story on Instagram with the story behind it (no more than 50 words), tagging your local Canon account and #LiveForTheStory. Submissions were judged by Zoë Kravitz on a number of elements including storytelling ability, visual appeal, originality and inspirational qualities.

Lília’s story stood out above the rest, but there were masses of incredible stories entered into the competition. Those that made the shortlist included:

  • @gaia_pitahaya’s shot beneath a waterfall of a man washing dirt and dust
  • @oakie_doke’s image of a swan landing on a man in a canoe
  • @urbex_vorarlberg’s shot of a man sat alone on his mobile questioning whether we are lost in a digital world
  • @gesalud’s photo of a man reading in a marketplace holding the question if books will become an extinct art form
  • @iromanenkova’s image of a man seemingly floating above the water with hot air balloons and boat in the background

To follow Lília’s year-long trip and for ongoing storytelling inspiration, follow your local Canon Instagram account.