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Imaging innovation stories

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Brightly coloured Brisbane cityscape

Today’s world is smaller and bigger all at the same time and Canon gives you so many ways to feel it, share it and be part of it.

Two women speaking into microphones with ‘print media centr’ and a logo on them.

Self-proclaimed ‘Intergalactic Ambassador to the Printerverse’, Deborah Corn is on a mission to inspire and educate on the positive power of print.

A young woman sits in a coffee shop, head resting on her hand, looking into the distance. She wears a colourful sweater.

Passion, profile-raising or community building? No matter the reasons, vlogging is a way of life for millions of would-be influencers.

Close up of a woman’s eye

Our products and expertise reach places you may never have realised and touch millions of lives every day. Find out more about the Canon of today – and tomorrow.

The cast of Verdi’s Aida on stage at the Teatro Carlo Felice

Verdi's Aida gets an altogether modern realisation using state of the art projectors to bring the Old Kingdom of Egypt to Genoa's principle opera house, the Teatro Carlo Felice.

Four hands touching.

‘Voice of Freedom’ is a photography exhibition which brings the voices of formerly enslaved women from Nigeria to the public for the first time.

Gavin Turk’s bronze egg sculpture entitled ‘Oeuvre (Verdigris)’

Controversial artist, Gavin Turk brings his ‘Oeuvre’ to Photo London and asks the world’s photographers “what is an egg?”

Audun Rikardsen’s father, captured above water, also showing the fish under water, using a split photography technique.

Canon Ambassador Audun Rikardsen shares one of his most personal photographs of his disabled father capturing a salmon in the river Alta in Norway.

Woman’s hands, holding a mug with ‘like a boss’ written on it in handwriting script

LinkedIn is the go-to place for our professional contacts to learn more about us, so how do we make the most of the images we choose to represent us?

‘For hire’ sign

No space, short on cash or just commitment-phobic? Then the sharing economy is perfect for you. Discover our favourite ways to rent, share and do good.

Close upon the face of Rembrandt’s Portrait of an Elderly Man (Copyright: Mauritshuis collection, The Hague)

To commemorate 350 years since the death of Rembrandt, we discover more on the project to create a touchable replica of a masterpiece.

A rhino in the wild at Kruger National Park, South Africa (Copyright: Venessa Mathebula, age 15)

Rhino poaching is rife at Kruger National Park, but Wild Shots Outreach is fighting for change by teaching local youngsters to tell stories with cameras.

An outstretched arm and hand, dangling a set of keys from the thumb.

There’s no doubt that the ‘magic white card’ is incredibly useful, but while one little white card may look much the same as another, it’s what’s inside that counts.

Nicolai and his free-diver under water.

Young filmmaker Nicolai Deutsch talks about his passion for the ocean and underwater cinematography.

A young woman stands alone on a deserted metro platform.

To show what is needed to make their city safer, teenagers took to Brussels with cameras to tell their stories.

Side head and shoulders view of an Ethiopian monk in robes.

Sarah Waiswa’s work challenges perceptions of Africa, it also helps her to unlearn and relearn parts of her history and the continents history.

Grey conveyor between glass frames at night

The Tech ABC of 2019: our industry experts predict the technology trends set to shake up the new year.

Male models walk down the runway in lines

Humphrey Ominisan took part in Canon's Visual Makers Fellowship at Lagos Fashion Week. He shares his favourite shot and talks about the experience.

Designed text on a page by Lars Harmsen, from the Horst-Friedrichs 2019 calendar

We take the printed word for granted, but it has history, depth and subtlety that has been with us through the ages.

Dozens of open books, laid flat.

The symbiotic relationship between publisher, author and reader has never been stronger than in the age of online communities.

a bird's-eye view of group of people working on their laptops

Canon Female Photojournalist of the Year 2018, Laura Morton talks about growing up, her inspirations and the San Francisco tech scene.

Image of Wim Tellier's 'respect' installation

Artist Wim Tellier turns photography into huge installations of 'landscape art'. The latest is a 1km long print installation entitled 'Share'.

Young woman talking on her smartphone

Digital detoxing, ad-blocking, lack of trust or just plain overexposure, businesses are finding that engaging with customers online is getting harder. Can bringing print to the marketing party cut through the deluge of data?

The Milky Way arcing over Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA

Astrophotography is a space where art and science collide, but when did we first start taking pictures of the galaxies and how do you get started?

Image of young girl and her father looking at the rubble of the school.

A school in Iraq was destroyed during the Battle of Ramadi. After its rebuild, the students were taught how to tell their story through photography.

The feet of a model with silver shoes

Fast fashion is more than just speedy shipping. Styleshoots brings high tech to fashion – so you can see it, want it and get it in a flash.

A woman’s hands, painting with watercolours

The ‘side hustle' – one or two mini businesses that supplement a main source of income and give the sort of flexibility that full-time work can't.

Image of treasured memories in a box.

Your digital life holds cherished memories. How do we make sure our online images are respected and passed on to the people we love when we die?

A selection of fanzines for sale

Small, short run and DIY, there are 'zines and fanzines on every topic. It’s the "global movement that never went away" when the Internet arrived.

Abstract image of ink in fluid.

Professors from the Max Planck Center for complex fluid dynamics share parallels between hemodynamics (the study of blood flow) and print

Image of robot in action in retail store

Fellow Robots, a Silicon Valley robotics company specialises in retail inventory tracking cobots shop assistants. Is this the future of retail?

A long dining table, bathed in green light with the Dinner in Motion logos projected onto it.

Fine dining should be an adventure! Dinner in Motion takes you on an immersive gastronomic journey – without even leaving the room!

A selection of plates, beautifully arranged. Vegetables, meats and assorted bread.

Delicious is no longer enough. Today’s restaurants have to make their food and dining experiences sexy and shareable for the Instagram generation.

Woman wearing virtual reality headset

Besides being fun and futuristic, what can Virtual and Augmented Reality really do? We take a look at three ways VR and AR are benefiting business.