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We’ve put together stories from Canon fans, amateur photographers and some of the top photographers and videographers in the industry where they share their knowledge, experience, tips and secrets of the trade with the aim to inspire you to take your photography to the new level.

A Bright Perspective on Low Light Photography.

Canon interviews Nige Levanterman, a low light photographer that specialises in long exposure of cityscape shots.

Explore Canon’s storytelling journey.

We’ve been helping people tell stories for over 80 years. Few have seen more than Mike Burnhill, a Product Specialist with 11 years experience. We met Mike to discuss Canon’s past, present and future.

Meet Ana Pratas, the photographer who captures honest stories of family life.

Ana Pratas is a family photographer who uses documentary style techniques to capture truly authentic moments. Read our interview to find out how she preserves these precious family moments.

Meet the street photographer Erik Witsoe who’s capturing the everyday, every day.

Erik Witsoe is a street photographer capturing fleeting stories in his new home of Poland. Read our interview with Erik to find out how he captures new stories on the same streets every day.

Canon Ambassador and sport photographer Samo Vidic teaches us how to capture action-packed stories.

When we challenged parkour group Storror to run, jump and roll between continents for the first time, Samo Vidic followed every step of the way to document their adventure. Discover how to capture your own urban action stories with Vidic’s tips.

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Meet the food photographer Mike Tsang who’s capturing mouth-watering motion.

Capturing motion has always been a passion for Mike Tsang, a London-based gourmet food photographer. Read our interview with Mike to discover how he freezes movement to seize fleeting moments.

Meet ‘geometry seekers’, Daniel Rueda and Anna Devís

Join us as we chat with architectural photographers, Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda. Discover what’s behind their imaginative and abstract way of storytelling and how their love of buildings and travel has turned them into Instagram stars.

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Lensational teaches women across the world how to use photography to document their lives, turning storytelling into a creative income. We caught up with founder Bonnie Chiu, to find out about the work her charity is doing.

Model Maker and Photographer Simon Carter. A Story of Power and Scale.

Discover how photographer and model maker Simon Carter creates a miniature world of motorsport that looks exactly like the real thing. It’s a story of scale, perspective and patience.

A model car in the garage
Essaouira - Along Dusty Roads image

Travel photographers Along Dusty Roads

Join us as we chat to travel photographers Andrew and Emily from Along Dusty Roads. We uncover their travel photography tips, the adventures they have and what’s next on the horizon for the wunderlusting duo.

Home Made Stories

Some of the best stories are made at home. We spoke to family photographer and storyteller, Caroline Holt, about how she captures the beauty of families in the places they call home.

Caroline’s children eating

Capturing the highlights in low light

Autumn is here and the days are officially shorter, so we talk to natural light photographer Catherine Lacey Dodd about shooting in low light and how portrait photography is more than just photos of people’s faces.

Capturing live music with Drew Ressler, AKA Rukes

We sat down with electronic dance music and festival photographer, Drew Ressler, AKA Rukes, about how he became the festival scenes most prolific photographer, his favourite shows and how to take a good photo under strobe lights.

DJ laser show

Photographer Jeff Vanderpool shows us an alternative Athens.

We chatted to Jeff Vanderpool about how his is project, “Sea of City”, has changed his relationship with Athens forever.

Photojournalist Jeroen Swolfs

We chatted to photojournalist and serial traveller Jeroen Swolfs about his seven-year journey to photograph every country in the world.


Street photographer Emmanuel Cole

“You need to warm up. Just like an athlete. You can’t just go out and take the best shot of the day!” Emmanuel Cole on shooting cold, London’s most eccentric characters and dystopian Hong Kong.

Action photography with Andrey Golovanov & Sergey Kivrin

Canon Explorers, Andrey Golovanov & Sergey Kivrin talk about their love of action sports photography and the advantages of working as a team.


Portrait photography with Jorg Kyas

It’s one of the most common photos we take, and while it seems easy enough, adding your own spin to a portrait photo is deceptively difficult. We spoke to renowned portrait photographer and Canon Explorer, Jörg Kyas, about his work with portraiture and how he juggles his personal and professional photographic pursuits.

Art in Action with Lorenz Holder

Photographer Lorenz Holder began his career as a semi-pro snowboarder but a bad injury gave him time out and led to him picking up a camera to capture sports rather than participating in them. In an exclusive interview he spoke to CPN writer Steve Fairclough to discuss his work, his approach to creating pictures and why he enjoys working with Canon EOS DSLRs and EF lenses.

Still Sea Stephen McNally

Shoot long exposure with Stephen McNally

Hairdresser and Canon enthusiast, Stephen McNally, only took up photography 8 years ago. Now, with his own long exposure black and white photography exhibition, it has all happened so quickly for someone who has mastered the art of taking it slowly.

Canon Explorer Sébastien Devaud

A film director and producer for over 16 years, Sébastien Devaud is, above all, passionate about images. From shooting and post-producing commercials and music videos in the late nineties he moved into broadcast TV and his work is notable for his use of contemporary lighting and depth of field effects. He also grasped the movie potential of the revolutionary EOS 5D Mark II DSLR camera from the outset and today uses the full range of Canon cameras and lenses in all his productions.

Sepia-Station-Nelson- Lourenço

Capturing 'smiling souls' by Nelson Lourenço

Born in Lisbon, Portugal; Nelson Lourenço is an amateur photographer while holding a Masters in Engineering and a post-graduate in marketing. Photography is something he was always interested in and became a passion when a friend let Nelson use her Canon Camera for a weekend - the first click was literally enough.

Canon Explorer Quentin Caffier

Canon Explorer, Quentin Caffier is based in Paris, where he works with a group of professional artists under the name ‘Five Monkeys Studio’. Influenced by photographers and film makers such as Desiree Doiron, Guy Bourdin, David Cronenberg and Wes Anderson, Quentin works in advertising and fashion and has had several exhibitions in Paris (Artcurial, Galerie 13 Sévigné, Glaz’art, Salon des Miroirs). We asked Quentin about using colour in his work and using a studio to create his unique aesthetic.


Capturing fast action

Born and raised in Bled, Slovenia, sports photographer Samo Vidic started as an amateur photographer at the age of 17. Fascinated by what could be done with different cameras, lenses and film, he gained knowledge fast and soon realised that this could be his dream job.

Canon Explorer Clive Booth

Clive Booth is a fashion, beauty and portrait photographer, and a filmmaker. He is known for his distinctive style of selective focus in natural, available, continuous and found light, which gives his work an atmospheric, intimate and ethereal quality.


Including people to add a new dynamic

Norwegian photographer Johnny Haglund explains the thinking behind some of his photos and how including people in compositions can add a new dynamic.

Your photos, our favourites

Take a look at our favourites of your Gallery entries, based around this month’s theme of My City. Each photo gives us a glimpse of a unique scene or emotion, bringing alive an unforgettable experience.


Perfecting the art of the portrait by Christian Anderl

Canon Explorer Christian Anderl, a keen musician and talented chef, is also an international photographer who specialises in commercial portrait photography. He has a great client list including Red Bull, Ikea and Universal.

Seascape and action photographer by Steve Deer

Senior Advertising Creative, Steve Deer, treats his local neighbourhood on The Wirral in Northwest England as his photographic playground. Every weekend he wanders around with his camera, always finding something new to shoot, or different perspective to capture.


Eddie Keogh

Award-winning Canon Explorer, Eddie Keogh is a freelance sports photographer. He worked for UK national newspapers from 1986 until 2005, when he joined Reuters as a contract photographer. Eddie covered his first Olympic Games in Los Angeles, USA, at the age of 21. He has photographed eight football World Cups - and almost every sport ever invented.

Capture ever changing cities by Beno Saradzic

Multi-award winning Beno Saradzic is a Slovenia-born time-lapse cinematographer, photographer and visual artist discovers the worlds of photography and time-lapse cinematography.


Shooting for sharks by Franco Banfi

This month we talk to Canon Explorer and award-winning wildlife photographer Franco Banfi. He explains his love for underwater photography, and what it’s like trying to get the perfect shot when you’re surrounded by blue sharks.

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