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Discover the future of wide-format graphics with Canon's unique and proven UVgel technology, as high productivity meets stunning colour reproduction across a broad and diverse media range. Enjoy precision quality for indoor graphics, durability for outdoor use, and instant curing, all at lower running costs.

UVgel: one technology, no compromise.

UVgel drops

UVgel: All the advantages, zero limitations

UVgel technology combines all the advantages of traditional ink technologies while eliminating many of their limitations.

  • Rich colours, sharp details

    With precise dot placement with no dot gain, UVgel prints have outstanding colour quality and consistency from a wide colour gamut (including white), with sharp details and strong saturation for dark colours.

  • Velvety matte finish

    UVgel ink drops are ‘pinned’ to the media instantly, prior to LED curing, resulting in a stunning velvety matte finish on a wide variety of media, such as uncoated and vinyl media.

  • Odourless with no drying time

    The odourless UVgel prints are certified for immediate indoor use, even in sensitive environments. Prints are instantly dry, requiring no evaporative drying process.

  • Robust, consistent prints

    Prints are scratch and scuff resistant, making them less susceptible to damage. Dot placement is controlled, ensuring consistently repeatable images over time and across different machines.

  • Low heat media stability

    The low-temperature UVgel printing process ensures no stretching or deformation, producing dimensionally stable output every time.

  • Media versatility

    UVgel supports a vast range of printable substrates, including vinyl and un-coated non-wovens.

  • Discover a wide application range. Creativity is the only limit.

    In today’s print market, it isn’t enough to be the best at what you do. Customers increasingly rely on you for a large variety of eye-catching, innovative applications – at a sharp price and immediate turnaround. See what's possible with the Colorado series.

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    With lower ink use than competitor systems, UVgel technology enables exceptional productivity, while quality control features reduce waste and cut maintenance time, making UVgel the best solution for overall total cost of ownership per square metre. Prints are also very robust, often eliminating the need for lamination.

    Designed for minimal environmental impact

    UVgel technology is GREENGUARD Gold certified, so you can trust that applications for indoor use meet strict chemical emission limits.

    Compared to latex or eco-solvent inks, UVgel requires around 40% less ink to build up the same image quality and colour intensity. The low-temperature LED curing process substantially reduces energy consumption, while energy consumption in standby mode is very low, thanks to the instant-on printing capability.

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    Colorado M-series_white_ink

    White without worry

    UVgel white ink stands out for its exceptional opacity, delivering optimum print quality every time. Its enduring whiteness, resistant to yellowing over time, makes it ideal for a wide range of applications requiring pristine white finishes.

    This UVgel white ink offers hassle-free printing by addressing common maintenance issues associated with white inks, matching the speed and efficiency of other colours, and outperforming competitors by two to three times while consuming significantly less ink, reducing costs by 50-70%.

    With the ability to layer up to five layers and with instant-dry properties, UVgel white ink ensures seamless cutting, stretching, and finishing, maximising productivity and efficiency.

    Colorado roll-to-roll printers with UVgel

    • Colorado M-series

      Fully modular UVgel roll-to-roll printer for large format graphics. Configure the system to your needs, and upgrade later as your volumes grow. Many options available, including mixed gloss/ matte printing and white ink.

    • UVgel wallpaper factory

      The UVgel Wallpaper Factory is an end-to-end automated solution for high volume production of wall décor applications: designed for maximum throughput at high quality and 24/7 run times.

    • UVgel Print Factory

      End-to-end automated solution for 24/7 roll-media production of all your UVgel mass volume applications.

    • UVgel Packaging Factory

      With the UVgel Packaging Factory, you can add the opportunities of in-house digital packaging printing to your business: short, custom runs at digital high speed and quality, to offer your customers even more creative applications.

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