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A woman’s head and shoulders as she stands in the middle of a brightly coloured projection of leaves and shapes in pink, red, purple and blue. ARTICLE

The future is bright, light, smart and 16K

ISE is over for another year, but there’s still plenty to look forward to. Matthew Koshy speculates on what we might expect to see events to come.

17 February 2020
Aerial view of Frankfurt by night ARTICLE

5 steps small cities can take to become ‘Smart Cities’

Lizzi Goldmeier of BriefCam shares five key ways that cities can use their existing infrastructure to work towards a ‘smart’ future.

24 February 2020
The original famous ‘distracted boyfriend’ image of a young man looking admiringly over his shoulder at a young woman as he walks with his girlfriend. © Antonio Guillem ARTICLE

Is there value in viral content?

What happens when an image goes viral? Is there a formula for it? We ask visual culture expert and Professor of Digital Culture, Dr Richard Clay.

10 February 2020
A couple, lying on blankets and cushions. holding hands, with their heads close together, looking down at their hands. In the background are images of birds and nature. © Katya Mukhina shot on Canon EOS R + Canon RF 28-70 f/2 L USM ARTICLE

New love, on location

They’d never met before, but Katya Mukhina couldn’t resist asking Mike and Kate if she could photograph their new love in a magical forest in Siberia.

13 February 2020
3D representation of neurons and the nervous system ARTICLE

How a flash of feeling becomes a memory forever

Why do we remember some stories and not others? What happens in our brains when our attention is piqued?

06 February 2020
A boardroom table with six chairs and six laptops, against a backdrop of a window, overlooking a city. ARTICLE

From basement to boardroom: the evolution of the IT department

In a world of ever-shifting technology, what does the role of IT and the CIO look like today…and tomorrow?

03 February 2020
Clouds reflected in glass windows. ARTICLE

Tech Trends 2020: Less hype, more performance

As businesses start to see past the Hype Cycle, 2020 should be the year when technology adoption goes hand-in-hand with strategy.

27 January 2020
Caroline Serfass, Senior VP and CIO, Canon Europe, smiling with her arms folded. ARTICLE

Collaboration, speed and vigilance: our 2020 business predictions

Three of Canon’s senior leaders give their predictions and advice for 2020, which looks set to be another fast-moving year for the technology industry.

23 January 2020
Cheryl stands to the right, with short, blonde hair and black framed glasses. She gently holds a print as it emerges from a Canon PRO-4000 printer. ARTICLE

Tranquillity, reflection, growth and power: the underwater world of Cheryl Walsh

To describe Cheryl Walsh as an underwater photographer is a disservice to her art. In truth, water is simply her conduit to explore the inner world.

20 January 2020
A couple kissing in a car. The windscreen slightly steamed. ARTICLE

Born Free

For 12 years, Ilvy Njiokiktjien has documented youth the generation growing up after apartheid South Africa. What she found was hope: love across the boundaries of colour.

13 January 2020

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