Blurred boundaries: documentary meets portraiture

Blurred boundaries: documentary meets portraiture

Four pros from two different genres discuss storytelling, shared techniques and how the EOS R System is helping to drive their creativity.

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Two figures ascend a circular stairway in the centre of a large white room. KIT

The best Canon kit for architecture photography

Photographer Fernando Guerra and Canon Europe's Mike Burnhill and John Maurice share expert advice on the best Canon cameras and lenses for architectural photography. Read their kit recommendations.

03 October 2022
A girl looks out from a stationary bus window. Reflected in the glass are lots of large tents and several people wearing high-vis clothing. STUDENT

Best cameras and lenses for photojournalism

Looking forward to your first assignment as a photojournalist? Our experts explain the best kit to get you started.

03 October 2022
A hummingbird hovers in flight next to a hanging flower. WILDLIFE

Capturing the jewels of the rainforest

Discover how the EOS R5 enabled Maxime Aliaga to photograph tiny, elusive hummingbirds, and why he loves losing himself in nature.

30 September 2022
A woman stands at the end of a narrow outdoor passageway, facing away from the camera and leaning against one wall while placing her hand and upper arm against the other. STREET

The best lenses for street photography

Travel and portrait photographer Joel Santos reveals his favourite Canon lenses for street photography.

29 September 2022
Four pros discuss how the two genres overlap and the EOS R System kit that helps them get the perfect shot every time. KIT

In conversation: when documentary met portraiture

Four pros discuss how the two genres overlap and the EOS R System kit that helps them get the perfect shot every time.

22 September 2022
A filmmaker stands behind a cinema camera with a Canon Flex Zoom lens attached. FILMMAKING

Canon's cinema lens range explained

Canon cine lenses are the culmination of 50 years of experience in cinema lens design. But which Cine Prime, Cine Zoom or Flex Zoom is right for you?

20 September 2022
The head and shoulders of a bespectacled person looking at a small bird standing perched and alert on a work bench. FILMMAKING

The Canon kit behind All That Breathes

Cinematographer Ben Bernhard explains how he brought the effects of Delhi's toxic air into focus using a Canon EOS C500 Mark II on his Sundance-supported documentary film.

16 September 2022
A Canon PTZ camera against a dark background. EDUCATION

Livestreaming lectures

Cinematographer Tania Hoser explains how she uses Canon PTZ cameras to deliver engaging online lessons.

12 September 2022
A Canon CR-N700 PTZ camera fixed to a metal bar. KIT

Canon's next-generation PTZ cameras

How the Canon CR-N700, CR-N500, CR-N300, CR-X500 and CR-X300 pan-tilt-zoom cameras raise the bar for streaming, broadcast, events and more.

08 September 2022
A Canon EOS R5 camera with a Canon RF 5.2mm F2.8L Dual Fisheye lens positioned on a mossy surface next to fallen autumn leaves. PRODUCT NEWS

Meet the Canon RF 5.2mm F2.8L Dual Fisheye

Capture the world in virtual reality with this groundbreaking stereoscopic L-series lens.

14 September 2022
A black Canon CR-N700 PTZ camera. KIT

Live video at the heart of new releases

From camcorders to cine lenses, find out how Canon's broadcast ecosystem is meeting the demand for high-quality live production.

07 September 2022
A dart captured at the moment it pierces a soap bubble, with the bubble just starting to burst. NEWS

New updates for the EOS R3, EOS R5 and EOS R6

Firmware updates unlock new features and boost performance in Canon's pro mirrorless cameras, including 195fps burst shooting in the EOS R3.

25 August 2022

IBC 2022

Canon are excited to share our latest imaging products with you in person at IBC 2022.

17 August 2022
Canon Ambassador Lieve Blancquaert being filmed on a crowded riverbank with Canon video kit. NEWS

Canon offers dedicated grant for short video documentary

The Canon Video Grant – Short Film Documentary recognises the best emerging talent worldwide in documentary filmmaking.

15 March 2022
A Canon EOS C70 camera on a wooden desk taken from above. PRODUCT NEWS

Expand your creativity with the Canon EOS C70

The latest firmware updates for the compact Cinema EOS camera deliver a raft of enhancements, including RAW video and new Custom Picture profiles.

20 January 2022
A man, shot so only his hand and waist is visible, holding a Canon EOS R5 C with a 15-35mm lens. PRODUCT NEWS

High-performance hybrid for video and stills

Everything you need to know about the EOS R5 C – Canon's 8K full-frame body that bridges the EOS R and Cinema EOS systems.

19 January 2022

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