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Discover how Canon's MAXIFY and PIXMA MegaTank printers – with their speed, reliability, versatility, and ultra-low running costs – can help your business thrive.
A woman sits working at a laptop, with a Canon MegaTank printer on the desk next to her.

Every business needs to look good on paper. Whether you're working in an office, at home, or a mix of the two, Canon's range of MAXIFY and PIXMA MegaTank printers deliver the performance, ease of use and quality you need to create great looking documents and prints, quickly and easily. Better still, the refillable high-volume ink tanks save time, money and effort. In fact, some of these printers can save you up to 90% on the total cost of ownership, compared with conventional inkjet and laser printers, so they're also great for your business's bottom line.

Here's what they have to offer, and how to get the most out of them, based on the experience of people who rely on them for business on a daily basis.

1. Speed and efficiency

A user's hand holds a bottle of yellow ink ready to insert into a Canon MegaTank printer.

The MAXIFY GX1040 is ideal for hybrid workers – it is compact enough to take up little space in the home environment but is designed to offer the same wide-ranging productivity advantages as the rest of the MAXIFY printer range, thanks to its high print speeds and the high-yield refillable ink tanks.

Ian Scullion of Fasciato Architects uses the MAXIFY GX7040 at his busy office. Working to tight deadlines, he values the fast 24ipm mono and 15.5ipm colour print speeds, and the fact that the printer can scan both sides of double-sided documents in a single pass, saving valuable time. Setting up was quck and easy too.

"The whole installation process took only about 10-15 minutes," Ian says. "Each of the four ink bottles is individually keyed and colour-coded, so you physically can't pour ink into the wrong tank. You don't need to squeeze the bottles, and the ink automatically stops flowing when the tank is full, so there's no mess."

Another model that's ideally suited to hybrid workers, the Canon MAXIFY GX1040 is remarkably compact, quick to set up and easy to use with its intuitive, customisable colour touchscreen and multi-colour LED status lamp. There's sufficient ink in a single set of bottles for around 3,000 colour pages,1 while productivity is enhanced by fast output at up to 15ipm for mono and 10ipm for full colour pages.2 The space-saving 250-sheet paper input cassette stows neatly inside the base of the printer, and the MAXIFY GX2040 adds a 35-sheet auto document feeder, for easier scanning and copying of multi-page documents.

2. Low cost of ownership

A user adds paper to the cassette at the front of a Canon MAXIFY printer.

The MAXIFY GX7040 has two 250-sheet paper input cassettes at its base as well as a rear feed, and a 50-sheet D-ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) that can scan both sides of a double-sided document in a single pass. This means less time spent changing the paper in the tray or feeding a document in again to scan the other side.

For overall productivity, an effective business printer isn't just about speed and efficiency. It's also about the purchase price and running costs. "We're really pleased that the MAXIFY GX7040 gives us such a big cost saving," Ian says.

Canon Europe product specialist Zubair Rahim explains the low total cost of ownership for printers like the MAXIFY GX7040 and MAXIFY GX6040. "We split this into the average cost per page and the total cost to the business over approximately five years, including the price of the printer itself as well as the consumables. Both are really low with these printers. You can expect average savings of up to 90% on the total cost of ownership compared to the top 10 laser and inkjet printers."

3. Print quality

A woman using a highligher on a printed document with a Canon MegaTank printer on the desk alongside.

The high-yield, refillable ink tanks in Canon's MegaTank printers such as the MAXIFY GX2040 mean less time spent reordering cartridges. The use of pigment-based inks ensures that documents are "business durable", as well as smudge-, water- and marker-resistant.

The quality of the documents a business sends out can be crucial for how it is viewed by its clients and potential customers. "We sometimes submit entries for awards or competitions, and we also like to print images for the office using different paper types," says Ian. "The print quality of the MAXIFY GX7040 is much better than other printers we've used in the past."

The MAXIFY GX1040, MAXIFY GX2040, MAXIFY GX7040 and MAXIFY GX6040 use pigment inks for all three colours as well as for black. This enables them to produce crisp text and rich, vibrant colour graphics, with incredible fine detail that preserves the appearance of even the smallest fonts, such as the fine print in legal documents. Both mono and colour documents are also very resistant to smudging, which helps to retain a high-quality appearance and is a bonus when you want to use highlighter pens.

4. Convenience and connectivity

A man works at a desk in an architect's office with a Canon MAXIFY printer on a cupboard in the background.

Front-facing transparent panels in Canon's MegaTank printers make it easy to monitor ink levels and order cost-effective bottles of replacement ink in good time.

A user holds a tablet with a bar chart on the screen while a print of the same chart emerges from a Canon printer.

Premier Insurance uses the Canon PRINT app to print documents from a mobile phone or tablet to its MAXIFY G6040, either in the office or remotely.

Anik Islam has found that the Canon MAXIFY G6040 is ideal for Premier Insurance's busy office environment. The printer's 350-sheet capacity, two-way paper feed, and high-yield, refillable ink tanks have meant less wasted time refilling paper and reordering ink cartridges.

Another advantage is these printers' ability to handle a diverse range of media, from plain paper and card to envelopes and photo paper. Because the business relies, in part, on polished client-facing marketing materials to provide a good brand experience, Anik has found the ability to print these cost-effectively in-house to be a game changer.

The cloud capabilities of the Canon MAXIFY and PIXMA printers have been similarly transformative for Premier Insurance. "Our clients often bring documents to meetings. With the Canon PRINT app, I can now quickly scan them, and they're automatically sent to print back in the office, so staff can begin analysing them straight away," Anik explains.

Many of Canon's MAXIFY and PIXMA MegaTank printers have colour touchscreens, which you can customise to assign often repeated tasks to a simple tap on the screen. For printing with plain paper, specialist media and photo paper, some of the printers also feature multiple input cassettes and trays, which avoids wasting time and effort in changing the paper in a single tray.

5. Business-focused design

A man looks at a card in his hand, with a display of colourful flowers arrayed behind him and a Canon printer to one side.

For many busineses, environmental responsibility is an important consideration. While Canon offers cost-saving print subscription plans for some of its cartridge-based printers (availability may vary between countries), along with a recycling programme for used cartridges, the refillable ink system in the MegaTank printers takes eco-friendliness to a new level.

A user holds a photo print, with others spread on the table in front along with floral presentation displays.

Forever Rose includes a personal photo with every gift it sends, and that image needs to be of the highest quality. The business has found that the Canon MAXIFY G6040 meets the required standard, at high volumes and at a lower cost than laser printing.

Forever Rose is a personalised gifting company based in Dubai. In the Canon MAXIFY G6040, the owner of Forever Rose, Ebraheem Al Samadi, identified a solution that would meet the need for consistently reliable, high productivity output, while reducing printing costs. "We have seen a significant cost saving compared to the laser printing we were using before," he says.

"We print on a daily basis," says the company's International Commercial Director, Asim Hussain. "And high-volume printing at an affordable price was a major consideration in choosing the Canon MegaTank printer."

Affordability is only half of the story. The PIXMA G6040's high-quality results satisfied the needs of a company whose clients expect nothing less than perfection in presentation. Because the PIXMA G6040's high-quality, dye-based inks allow for wonderfully smooth and natural photos, Forever Rose's customers can now include an impeccably printed personal photo when sending a gift.

For added convenience, the Canon Small Business Print Hub provides a wealth of background information and case studies, for ideas on how to really get your message across in print. In addition, Canon PosterArtist puts thousands of customisable designs at your fingertips, so you can create professional looking posters, banners and flyers quickly and directly in-house.

A Canon MegaTank printer and some bottles of replacement ink sit on a desk with a computer monitor and desk lamp behind.

As well as featuring a customisable 2.7-inch touchscreen, the MAXIFY GX1040 and MAXIFY GX2040 have a new colour-changing LED status lamp, making it easy to check on print progress. They're also compatible with cloud services, and you can print and scan direct from Android and iOS smartphones and tablets via the Canon PRINT app.

Ultimately, Canon's MAXIFY and PIXMA MegaTank printers ensure premium print quality with high output speed, while keeping running costs low. The net result is that they can improve your productivity and make your business more profitable as well as more efficient.

Matthew Richards & Paul Fitzpatrick
  1. Page Yield is the estimated value based on Canon individual test method using the ISO/IEC 24712 chart and continuous printing simulation with the replacement after initial setup.
  2. A4 document print speed on plain paper is measured based on average of ESAT in Office Category Test of ISO/IEC 24734 standard.

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