In a room filled with bouquets of flowers, a man holds a print he has made using a Canon PIXMA G6040 that can be seen on the table in front of him.


Discover how a Canon PIXMA G Series printer can help to boost your business

Flexible, cost-effective and designed to produce consistently high-quality results, it's no wonder the Canon PIXMA G Series of printers is helping these three businesses thrive. Will yours be next?

The science of inspiration

A child holds a Mini Professors certificate with his name on.
The youngsters taking part in the Mini Professors science classes use the Canon PIXMA G4510 printer to print everything from name tags, stickers and certificates.

Company : Mini Professors

Industry : Education

Location : St Albans & Harpenden, UK

Services : Fun, informative science lessons designed for pre-schoolers

Website :

Natasha Spink's clients are some of the most demanding anywhere. Natasha is the franchise owner of Mini Professors in the St Albans and Harpenden area. Mini Professors offers the only science classes designed specifically for pre-school children, and printed materials form an important part of every lesson. After the kind of careful research you'd expect from a trained scientist, Natasha chose a Canon PIXMA G4510 printer.

"It enables me to give the children lots of activities to do each week," explains Natasha. "As part of the experiments, we have lots of different templates, stickers and cards, and so far the printer has managed to print on a range of different materials."

The compact Canon PIXMA G4510 easily keeps up with the volume of printing Natasha requires. Its wireless connectivity is also a plus. "I can be in a different room supervising my children and still have things printing from my laptop," she says.

Natasha also appreciates the Canon PIXMA G4510's refillable high-yield ink tanks. Their volume indicator lines make it easy to see how much ink is left, while refilling them is simple, infrequent and there's less plastic waste.

As for print quality, here as elsewhere, the Canon PIXMA G4510 delivers. "The kids love getting a certificate at the end of the class," explains Natasha. "It's great to be able to give them something that I'm proud of, the quality is great, and they can be proud to put it up in their home."

"It is reliable, it's cost-effective, it's really easy to use, and it looks great."

Insuring a successful future

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A man using the Canon PRINT app on a tablet to print a document of a bar graph on a Canon PIXMA G6050.
Premier Insurance uses the Canon PRINT app to print documents from a mobile phone or tablet to its PIXMA G6050, either in the office or remotely.

Company : Premier Insurance

Industry : Insurance

Location : Harrow, London, UK

Services : Portfolio of insurance products

Website :

Rapid growth. Shooting for the stars. Whatever you want to call it, Anik Islam's ambitions for Premier Insurance depend on business resources keeping pace with demand, at what has become one of the UK's leading intermediary insurance providers.

As the business expanded, Anik looked for new printing solutions. The successful printer needed to deliver high productivity, connectivity, high yields and print flexibility.

"When we discovered the Canon PIXMA G Series, it seemed like it could answer all our problems," explains Anik.

The Canon PIXMA G6050 with four vivid ink bottles for the refillable ink tanks.
The high-yield, refillable ink tanks inside the Canon PIXMA G6050 mean less time spent reordering expensive cartridges.

The Canon PIXMA G6050 is ideal for Premier Insurance's busy office environment. The printer's 350-sheet capacity, two-way paper feed, and high-yield, refillable ink tanks have meant less wasted time refilling paper, and reordering expensive cartridges. Indeed, Canon MegaTank printers such as the Canon PIXMA G6050 can print up to 18,000 pages from just three black ink bottles. "It's completely streamlined the administration side of the business," says Anik.

Another advantage of the Canon PIXMA G6050 was its ability to handle a diverse range of media, from plain paper and card to envelopes and photo paper. For a business that relies, in part, on polished client-facing marketing materials to provide a polished brand experience, the ability to print those cost-effectively in-house has been a game changer.

The Canon PIXMA G6050's Cloud capabilities have been similarly transformative for Premier Insurance. "Our clients often bring documents to meetings. With the Canon PRINT app, I can now quickly scan them, and they're automatically sent to print back in the office, so staff can begin analysing them straight away," explains Anik.

"Even when I'm not in the office I can manage the printer through the app. It's amazing."

A growing partnership

A man holding a picture of a woman, with more sentimental photos laid out on a table.
Forever Rose includes a personal photo with every gift it sends, and that image needs to be of the highest quality.

Company name : Forever Rose

Industry : Gifting

Location : Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Services : Personalised gifting

Website :

For a personalised gifting business whose extraordinary, lifelong blooms appear little short of magical, Forever Rose's printing challenges were decidedly real-world. From modest beginnings, the company's global expansion meant that its workforce had grown to over 500 people. Increasingly, the company's old laser printing system was affecting productivity as well as the bottom line.

In the Canon PIXMA G6040, Forever Rose's owner, Ebraheem Al Samadi, identified a solution that would balance the need for consistently reliable, high productivity output, while reducing printing costs.

"We have seen a significant cost saving compared to the laser toner we were using before, reducing costs by 60-70%."

Key to the Canon PIXMA G6040's attractively low running costs are its integrated, high-yield ink tanks. These MegaTanks have front-facing level indicators, are easy to refill, and require topping up much less frequently than cartridge-based printers. In some Forever Rose locations, the MegaTanks have not needed refilling in over six months.

"We print on a daily basis," says International Commercial Director, Asim Hussain. "And high-volume printing at an affordable price was a major consideration in choosing the Canon MegaTank printer."

Affordability is only half of the story. The Canon PIXMA G6040's high-quality results satisfied the needs of a company whose clients expect nothing less than perfection in presentation. Because the Canon PIXMA G6040's high-quality, dye-based inks allow for wonderfully smooth and natural photos, Forever Rose's customers can now include an impeccably printed personal photo when sending a gift. It's just one more way that Canon's technology enables businesses to enhance their offering, facilitating and feeding inspiration.

"I'm proud to say that Canon will be by our side on our journey, accomplishing one major boutique in each major city in the world," says Ebraheem.

Written by Paul Fitzpatrick

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