Returning To Work

On this page you can find tips to help resolve some common problems with using uniFLOW Online and your printing equipment that you may encounter upon your return to work following an extended period of reduced or non-usage.
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  • If your printing equipment has not been connected to uniFLOW Online for a long time, the link may need to be reactivated. Please see below the link that explains how you can see whether the link needs to be restored and how you or your IT administrator can do that.

    For more information about uniFLOW Online, please visit the following web page: uniFLOW Online First Steps Guide


Below is a range of common issues that are encountered with non-usage, and possible solutions.

  • Paper is a natural product and as such it is sensitive to fluctuations in air humidity. Especially when the central heating is switched off and on, paper can become humid in the machine because the ambient temperature changes suddenly. This may result in paper jams.

    Please follow these steps:

    1. Remove all paper from the printer.
    2. Take a new ream of paper that has acclimatised.
    3. Remove the paper from the wrapper or box and loosen the paper.
    4. Remove the first and last sheets.
    5. Load the paper into the printer with the arrow on the wrapper or box pointing to the side of the paper to be printed first.

  • For instructions please download your manual from our support site.

  • The quality might not be as good as it should be when the device is first turned on. There is a possibility that condensation may have built up during a period of non-usage, this will be most notable on the colour devices. The device may need to be left to acclimatise for a few hours of normal usage to resolve this issue.

    If issues still occur please check the steps below:

    • Replace paper with new
    • Run the User Maintenance mode "Cleaning inside the main unit"
    • Adjust the settings if printing results are not satisfactory

  • Reboot the device as it may have lost connection. Wait between 15 and 45 minutes in order to make sure the connection has been fully established to see if this resolves the issue.

    1. On the Control Panel, press the [123] button
    2. Select [Monitoring Service]
    3. Select [Communications Test]
    4. Select [Start Test]

    Then it should say "Communications successful" but if there is an error code then please contact our helpdesk.

    For further assistance please visit our support website.

  • Check and clean the document feeder

    • Check mains supply is on.
    • Check mains cable is firmly pushed into the device.
    • Check device power switch is ON
    • Is (Energy Saver) lit? If it is lit, press (Energy Saver) to cancel the Sleep mode.

    If the device still does not power on please contact us.

    • Check the User Name and password.
    • Check the device is connected to the network
    • Check the device clock is set to the correct time and date

    • Check the device is connected to the network
    • Check the remote system is available
    • Check if any infrastructure changes have been made that may require reconfiguration of device settings

  • For any other error codes or messages that appear please visit our error codes page for assistance.


  • For any other error codes or messages that appear please visit our error codes page for assistance.

Document Scanners

    • For scanners with an imprinter: the imprinter cartridge may have dried up. The remedy is to try wiping the cartridge or order replacements
    • In some cases the feed rollers can become mis-shaped and form a flat spot due to compression and lack of use, this will result in paper mis-feeds. For this scenario please order replacement roller kits.

    For error codes, drivers, firmware, manuals and software for other models please visit our support site


  • As part of our standard support process, our engineers will always ensure a device is cleaned thoroughly afterwards, to exacting standards. Thereafter, we advise that the cleaning guidelines provided in the device manual are followed. (Copies of manuals are available to download from our support site.)

    In the current situation, many customers have been asking us for best practice advice with regards to cleaning the common-touch areas of devices. We recommend following the instructions below. However, please be aware that these cleaning guidelines do not guarantee effectiveness against coronavirus. The effectiveness of alcohol-based cleaners should be checked with the manufacturer of the cleaner.

    • Perform any required shut down procedure and disconnect the device from the mains supply before cleaning.
    • Use a soft cloth soaked with an alcohol based cleaner for disinfection. Wipe the parts users may touch such as numerical keys on operation panels, touch screens, covers and handles.
    • Never spray alcohol or any other disinfectants directly on areas where liquids may enter, such as the edges of touch screens or numerical keys. Be sure not to drip any liquid onto these areas.
    • Depending on the type of alcohol or wiping method used, the printer exterior may be discoloured or lose colour, however, the printer function will not be affected.
    • Note that some commercial products such as wet wipes may contain non-alcoholic compositions and therefore are not recommended for use.
    • Canon does not recommend any brand or manufacturer of alcohol based cleaner. However, it is recommended to use a cleaner that contains a minimum of 60% alcohol. Please note that alcohol is a flammable liquid, therefore it should never be used near fire.

    If problems persist, or you find your business needs have changed on returning to work, please Contact Us for additional support.

    Due to increased call volumes, there may be a slightly longer wait time than normal. We ask for your understanding of the way in which we provide our services in these exceptional circumstances.

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