On the right, a small silhouette of a couple walking across golden sand dunes at dusk, leaving footprints behind them. Far on the horizon, a huge bright sun begins to set.

Imaging to transform our world

We can all be forgiven for wanting a little bit of constancy right now. Something steadfast, reliable and certain when the world feels at best unsteady, at worst chaotic. Like you, we’re seeing a world that has changed before our eyes. And long experience tells us that change, although sometimes frightening, can be a powerful force for good. It makes us look differently at the world and seek opportunities to adapt and improve.

For us, this means exploring new ways for our technologies to transform how we work, learn and play in a connected world. Yes, we will give photographers everywhere the best possible tools with which to capture history, but our products and solutions can – and will – always be found wherever imaging takes place:

On assembly lines in factories, where machine vision ensures that quality is perfect, or helping businesses to work smarter through efficient and effective document management. Our commercial print customers are making the most creative ideas a reality and clinicians in hospitals all over the world rely on our CT and MRI scanners. In fact, our technology may even be at the tips of your fingers right now, through semiconductor chips printed by Canon machines.   

But more importantly, it’s what these technologies help you to achieve that is truly incredible. With our tools in their hands, young people have changed their own lives, businesses have accelerated and grown. Critical news has reached us from places of danger and beauty has been found in the most unlikely places. Astrophysicists have collected data to understand our universe and potentially life-saving diagnoses happen every day. History has been made, records broken, and lives changed. Each unique, all extraordinary.

To be in so many places, achieving so much takes togetherness.

These shared goals and endeavours are the way to a better future and the true embodiment of our corporate philosophy of Kyosei – living and working together for the common good. And so, we look to each other and to what will come, and play our part in using imaging to transform our world.

Written by Richard Sceats