Introducing the Canon PowerShot V10, the easy 4K vlogging camera

The best vlogging camera for beginners has arrived. Find out how Canon's easy-to-use, lightweight 4K vlogging camera will help you get started with vlogging and streaming.
A Canon PowerShot V10 stands on a kitchen worktop with a chopping board in the background and a vlogger's hand resting on the surface in front of it.

If you simply want to share your passion with the world, then you need a hassle-free vlogging solution without all the complexity. If you've been relying on smartphones to tell your stories, then meet the PowerShot V10: the lightweight, all-in-one vlogging solution that will bring you a faster and simpler workflow.

The PowerShot V10 has been designed specifically for everyone who wants a dedicated vlogging camera that's easier to control and quick and simple to use, whether they're sharing their city break adventure or documenting their hobbies.

A cook places a casserole dish of food on a mat in front of a Canon PowerShot V10 standing on its built-in stand, tilted towards the food.

The compact PowerShot V10 is extremely easy to use – even if you're completely new to vlogging, you can stand it up using its built-in adjustable stand, angle the flip screen so you can see yourself, then set everything to Auto and simply tap Record when ready.

PowerShot V10 design and features

At a mere 211g, almost half the weight of the compact PowerShot G7 X Mark III, the PowerShot V10 is Canon's smallest vlogging camera, and its diminutive size means you can take it anywhere for spontaneous, on-the-fly vlogging.

Despite its small size, the PowerShot V10 features dual large-diameter built-in microphones that can capture better quality audio than you're probably getting from your smartphone. This is because the mics in smartphones are optimised for phone calls, when the device is pressed against your face. The microphones in the PowerShot V10, however, are designed to capture stereo audio at typical vlogging distances, tuned to your voice while also capturing the atmosphere of your surroundings, whether it's a market or a party. If you're recording in windy conditions, pop on the bundled wind shield to reduce unwanted wind noise.

Should you want even more control over audio, the PowerShot V10 also has a 3.5mm mic port on the side for plugging in an external microphone. An optional accessory mount, available separately, gives you maximum flexibility in where you attach an external mic around the camera.

Also unique to the PowerShot V10 is a built-in stand that allows you to set up the camera to film from different tilt angles ranging from -30° to -10° for high-angle shooting and 10° to 30 ° for low-angle shooting. The stand folds away for more compact storage and handheld use. For even more versatility, the PowerShot V10 has a standard tripod mount, so you have the option of attaching it to any tripod of your choice, including the compact Canon Tripod Grip HG-100TBR.

A Canon PowerShot V10, standing on its built-in stand, records a gamer, whose hands using a game controller are visible in the foreground.

PowerShot V10's built-in stand can be adjusted for both high- and low-angle shooting, and the flip screen can be set to a convenient angle.

One key to successful vlogging is fine-tuning your composition. The PowerShot V10 makes this easy with its LCD flip screen – flip it up to see yourself in the frame for effortless self-shooting, or set it at different angles to view whatever you're pointing the camera at. It also offers touch controls for all the standard recording features in a simple interface. If you're shooting for a social platform that requires a particular aspect ratio, you can optionally display aspect markers on the screen to check that key elements will be in frame when you later crop.

The 6.6mm lens (35mm-equivalent focal length 19mm) provides a wide angle of view, ideal for easily framing yourself and capturing plenty of your surroundings. The large 1.0-inch sensor gathers more light even in low-light conditions, so you can be confident of natural-looking video throughout the day.

A user's hand draws a Canon PowerShot V10 from the pocket of a yellow long-sleeved sports top.

The PowerShot V10 is small and light enough to carry in your pocket and have ready for when you need it. It's designed to make vlogging and live streaming quick and easy, and is also capable of capturing 15.2MP still images – great for cover shots or thumbnails for your vlog.

Two people use a Canon PowerShot V10 held at arm's length by one of them to film themselves in front of a tree decorated with lights.

The PowerShot V10 is great in low light conditions, and the lens's wide field of view ensures that it will capture the occasion, in better quality video than you're likely to be getting from the front-facing camera in most smartphones.

PowerShot V10 video modes and creative options

The PowerShot V10 can record up to 4K UHD video at 25/30fps and Full HD at up to 50/60fps. It also has Face Tracking autofocus – people anywhere in the image area are automatically detected, or you can optionally tap on subjects on the screen to tell the camera to track them.

There's a choice of recording modes. Auto movie and Smooth Skin movie modes offer one-touch recording options for when you just want to share your story and let the camera do the thinking. Advanced built-in features such as Auto Lighting Optimizer, Auto ND filter and Auto White Balance ensure great-looking results. If you want to take more control, Manual Exposure movie mode lets you take charge of many settings.

You can activate Movie Digital IS to steady the image when you're shooting handheld or moving, or alternatively Auto Level to keep the scene level as you record.1

If you're after a particular look and atmosphere, there are 14 colour filters (all available in both Auto and Manual Exposure movie modes), which are presets you can apply at a touch before movie recording. These include RetroGreen and Sepiatone for giving a retro look to a city or a landscape, TastyWarm for appetising hot food clips, and more. There are also colour tone settings with sliders you can use for further customisation – and the camera will save all your colour settings, so the next time you switch it on, it's ready to shoot with your own unique look.

If you want to take your vlogging to the next level, there are additional options and settings accessed by pressing the Q button, including Movie recording size, autofocusing method, digital zoom and more.

A user holds a Canon PowerShot V10 in one hand and a smartphone with the Canon Camera Connect app transferring files from the camera in the other.

Install the free Canon Camera Connect app on your smartphone and you can use it to transfer and upload your videos, and even control the PowerShot V10 remotely.

A woman playing the guitar looks into a Canon PowerShot V10 with an external microphone and Canon Tripod Grip HG-100TBR attached, standing on a low table facing her.

As your ambition and expertise grow, the PowerShot V10 can expand with you. It has a 3.5mm microphone socket to connect an external mic, such as the Canon DM-E100 Stereo Microphone, a standard tripod mount, so you can use your preferred tripod including the compact Canon Tripod Grip HG-100TBR (with the camera in vertical orientation, if required), and even HDMI Out for direct output.

Connecting and sharing using PowerShot V10

The PowerShot V10 also makes it quick and easy to share your vlogs with your followers, with built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Install the free Canon Camera Connect app on your smartphone and you can seamlessly transfer your clips to your phone – you can even control the camera remotely using the app. Movies can be automatically transcoded as they are sent from the camera to your phone, making it easier than ever to create video to add to all your social channels.

To avoid filling up your phone's storage with lots of large video files, you can upload your content to the image.canon cloud service, automatically if you wish, and from there forward it to Google Drive™, YouTube and Frame.io, among other web services. Videos and images stored in Frame.io can be seamlessly imported into video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, where you can edit and refine your footage.

With the PowerShot V10, livestreaming is easier than ever before – you can do it all with a few taps on the LCD. Once you set up your preferred streaming destination in the Camera Connect app (and assuming your social media account permits streaming), simply select YouTube Live or Facebook Live or add an RTMP link,2 and start broadcasting.3

You can also use the PowerShot V10 as a webcam. The camera has industry-standard UVC and UAC drivers built-in, so there's no extra software required – simply plug and play over USB (using the cable provided) on both Windows and macOS and use the PowerShot V10 in Full HD at 30fps with popular video calling apps. Digital zoom is also available for streaming or using the camera as a webcam – simply set the camera as you want it and you're ready to start – or you can choose from a range of other camera presets including Smooth Skin movie and Auto movie modes, Face Tracking AF or specified frame AF, colour filter, and many more.1

PowerShot V10 – the simple vlogging solution

Whatever your passion or audience, the PowerShot V10 helps you connect without complicated setups or the need for a bag full of accessories. Its built-in stand makes it easy to set up and use almost anywhere, whether you're vlogging about cooking or gaming. Its simple controls, compact design and automated modes enable you to get started in vlogging without needing specialist know-how, plus it has plenty of options and more advanced features when you're ready to take things further.

Written by Jeff Meyer & Alex Summersby

  1. Because of the way they operate, various modes cannot be used in combination. For example, Movie Digital IS cannot be used at the same time as Auto Level, digital zoom cannot be used with IS, and Auto Level cannot be used in Smooth Skin movie mode. See camera specifications for more information.
  2. Please note that livestreaming platforms may change, stop, or terminate their service, at any time without notice. Please check with livestreaming platforms for the latest requirements. Canon makes no representations or warranties with respect to any third party product or service, including livestreaming.
  3. A stable Wi-Fi connection in a less crowded 2.4GHz wireless space with fast upload speed is recommended for best results.

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