Make a DIY photo booth with the Canon Zoemini S2

Photo booth-style memories without the high price tag: here's how to create your own setup for printing instant photos.
Two women pose with carnival-themed props in front of a rose gold Canon Zoemini S2 sitting on a table. Emerging from the Canon Zoemini S2 is a print of the two women in a different pose.

Special events are about creating memories, and taking photos to capture the joy of the moment can be both fun and a great way to document the day. Whether it's a wedding, birthday or themed party with friends, photo booths have become the go-to way to get everyone involved. You can get your guests excited about playing with props and editing images, and give them a tangible memory to take home that will make them smile for years to come.

Hiring a photo booth can be expensive and take up a lot of space but with the Canon Zoemini S2, you can create your own and have fun editing and printing instant photos to cherish and share. Here, we explain how to set up your own DIY photo booth with the Canon Zoemini S2 and the Canon Mini Print app.

Where to set up your Canon Zoemini photo booth

Two women smile and pose in front of a rose gold Canon Zoemini S2 sitting on a wooden table.

You can create a space as simple or elaborate as you like to set up your Canon Zoemini photo booth by making backdrops and adding props, or you could take snaps at different spots around your event to mix it up.

A hand rests a rose gold Canon Zoemini S2 on a wooden table.

The Canon Zoemini S2 is available in three colours – teal, white and rose gold – so you can choose the one that best matches your personality and decor.

You may have used a photo booth at a wedding, work event or birthday party, but creating an interactive space to capture snaps can be great for any event. Why not set up your Canon Zoemini photo booth at a hen party, Christmas or Halloween gathering, birthday party, reunion or carnival-themed party with friends? While traditional photo booths are generally used in large indoor spaces, the possibilities are endless with the Canon Zoemini S2. With no need to hook up a big machine to an electricity supply, your DIY photo booth setup could be in a cute, cosy corner or even outside, for a garden party or barbecue.

You could choose a specific space to snap guests at any point during the event, maybe arranging your photo booth by the entrance or exit to capture photos on the way in or out, or use different locations as you go. The Canon Zoemini S2 prints onto sticky-backed paper so you can create an instant photo wall. There's also an app for editing your snaps and the option to print multiple versions of the same image to share with friends.

Make sure to set up your Canon Zoemini S2 on a shelf or table at the right height for the imagery you're after. If your space doesn't have somewhere suitable, get creative and take some low photo booth-style shots with you and your friends in weird or funny poses.

How to set up your Canon Zoemini photo booth

Two women smile and pose in front of a rose gold Canon Zoemini S2 sitting on a wooden table, their reflections visible in the Canon Zoemini S2's selfie mirror.

You can check your hair and style in the Canon Zoemini S2's selfie mirror before committing to a pose.

A hand holding a smartphone displaying the Live view mode in the Canon Mini Print app.

The Live view mode in the Canon Mini Print app is ideal for ensuring that you are looking your best for your photo booth moment.

In traditional photo booths you usually sit on a seat in a small, confined space, but with your Canon Zoemini S2 photo booth, you can get more creative. Experiment with making backgrounds – whether it's arranging decorations, fashioning an entire backdrop, or just finding a plain wall to create a blank canvas – and think about whether you want to add any props for guests to pose with. Backdrops and Creative Park props added plenty of life and colour to the carnival-themed party shots here, and you can also add additional flourishes and personalisation at the next stage.

Once you have your space set up, test out how far away you want to place your Canon Zoemini S2 to capture your snaps. It may be that you stand just in front of the backdrop for some and come closer to the camera for others, depending on whether you want just faces or whole bodies in shot. The 8MP camera can capture your scenes in fine detail from a range of distances.

You don't need to allocate a photographer to miss out on being in the photo either as the free Canon Mini Print app enables you to shoot and print remotely. Once you've connected your smartphone to your Canon Zoemini S2 via Bluetooth, you can use the app's self-timer and remote shutter to get your perfect shots. Check that you're ready for your close-up in the camera's selfie mirror, then set a delay of either three, five or ten seconds via the app to give you and your friends plenty of time to strike a pose. Just position your camera against a wall or something sturdy and off you go! With a battery life of up to 25 photo sheets, you can keep snapping and capture plenty of memories before your next charge.

Ways to personalise your Canon Zoemini prints

A person's finger edits an image collage on the Canon Mini Print app on a smartphone, next to a rose gold Canon Zoemini S2 lying on a wooden table.

The Canon Mini Print app enables you to create collage layouts, and add text, images, frames and filters to prints in the style of Japanese purikura. Get into the spirit and share yours on social media, tagging your friends.

Two women sitting together, one holding a rose gold Canon Zoemini S2 in her hand, a print emerging from it, the other holding a smartphone showing the Canon Mini Print app.

Not everyone loves having their photo taken but the interactive aspect of capturing photo booth-style snaps on your Canon Zoemini S2 makes the process more playful and fun – and you can filter and edit to your heart's content with the Canon Mini Print app.

The Canon Mini Print app doesn't let you just shoot and print remotely; you can also use it to add lots of fun photo booth extras and effects. It enables you to create images such as the iconic Japanese purikura – photo booths that have been a hit with young people since the 90s and have influencers flocking to take pics with their friends today. The hugely popular purikura took the traditional photo booth and enhanced the experience with the ability to add all kinds of extra touches, such as stickers, filters and graphics ideal for social media.

The Mini Print app opens up the same world for your Canon Zoemini S2, with similar ways to change the layout, add text, frames, drawings and filters, or test out the live camera effects and AR for a shareable printout with an added touch.

What to do with your prints

A person's hand sticks images of two women on to a green tiled wall. The photos were printed using a Canon Zoemini S2 and the Canon Mini Print app.

The sticky-backed ZINK TM Photo Paper creates smudge-proof, tear-proof and water-resistant prints that you can stick in albums, and also on to phones, laptops or other surfaces to keep your favourite snaps on display – or even match with friends.

wo women pose with carnival-themed props in front of a rose gold Canon Zoemini S2 sitting on a wooden table. Other carnival-themed props lay on the wooden table.

Photo booth images are a great way to capture the atmosphere and energy at an event. These carnival-themed shots are full of colour and expression, and can remind guests of how much fun they had on the night.

There are so many things you can do with your Canon Zoemini photo booth prints. Why not use the sticky-backed paper to create instant stickers for personalised party games? You can load the Canon Zoemini S2 with up to 10 sheets of ZINK Photo Paper at a time, either 5 x 7.6cm or 3.3cm pre-cut circle stickers, and it takes less than a minute to print each sheet. Guests can also take away the prints as keepsakes.

Upload your images straight to social media or create a post with your friends holding the images. You could also gather them for use in a scrapbook, or why not have a photo wall at your event so your friends can add their own images, creating a giant collage that you can later frame to commemorate the day.

As well as the ability to print on the spot, the Canon Zoemini S2 has a Micro SD card slot, so you can save lots more images as you go to edit and print later. You could send photos as a thank you to guests for sharing an important celebration with you, or use the app to create collages or a sticky poster made up of smaller snaps to put on your wall as a decorative reminder of a magical day.

A flatlay showing two Canon Zoemini S2s – one rose gold and one teal – surrounded by several photo booth-style prints.

The Canon Mini Print app is compatible with all Canon Zoemini models, and enables you to add borders to your prints, giving them a vintage, analogue feel, true to the look of a professional photo booth.

Pairing the Canon Zoemini S2 with the Mini Print app is the perfect way to create your own photo booth fun, offering all the creativity without the high price tag. It's a great way to get guests involved in creating memories and there are countless ways to use the prints to share the joy for years to come. Whether you've got a housewarming party coming up, a graduation or just a themed Friday night with your friends, why not add to the experience with your own Canon Zoemini photo booth?

Written by Kat Halstead

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