Professional Displays

Canon DP-V1830

With a compact and lightweight design for either studio or on-set environments, the DP-V1830 Professional Monitor provides exceptional 4K HDR imaging performance.


  • 18” 4K HDR Display

    3840 x 2160 LCD panel providing 1,000 cd/m² full-screen brightness

  • Exceptional Image Quality

    Delivering Dolby Vision and EBU TECH3320 standards*

  • Advanced HDR Monitoring

    Waveform Monitor, False Colour, Range Check and much more

  • Uncompromised Connectivity

    1x HDMI Input and 12G-SDI Terminals (4 inputs and 4 outputs)

  • Dual/Quad Display and 8K Support

    For seamless multi-cam monitoring and high-resolution workflows

  • Robust and Portable

    Compact and Lightweight 7.5kg body

* Grade 1A rating achieved for contrast ratio, peak luminance, black level, luminance uniformity and delay time.


Update Available

New firmware (v1.1) offers all-new features including additional HDR Monitoring Tools, SDI/HDMI Multi View, and more. A built-in SDI Switcher is now available at additional cost, for streamlined multi-camera productions.

HDR Monitoring Tools

The DP-V1830 features Canon’s award-winning advanced HDR monitoring tools to assist in evaluating HDR content, providing detailed and accurate information regarding every aspect of the displayed signal.

  • HDR Waveform Monitor/RGB Parade

    Analyse the brightness of an image from left to right with a monitor scale supporting IRE, PQ, HLG and even Log signals from multiple manufacturers.

  • HDR False Colour

    Visually represents exposure and image clipping based on detailed and customisable colour scales for IRE, PQ or HLG.

  • Range Check

    Switches the display output to monochrome and enables users to specify a peak brightness level to easily identify areas that require adjustment.

  • Pixel Value Check/ Chromaticity Diagram

    Accurately examine the colour and brightness values of a specific pixel. A CIE diagram is also displayed to illustrate the pixel colour space location or overall gamut of the entire image.

  • Out of Gamut Display

    Switches the display output to monochrome and highlights colours outside the selected colour gamut. Users can select either ITU-R BT.709 or Native gamut.

  • HDR/ SDR Compare View

    An advanced function that converts HDR content to SDR for side-by-side evaluation. This function can be used to compare original content alongside enabled User LUTs or CDLs.

  • HDR Histogram

    A graphical representation of the brightness distribution in an image. This feature can also illustrate SDR and HDR brightness ranges.

  • Frame Luminance Monitor

    An innovative tool that allows users to closely monitor changes in peak brightness over time when viewing video sequences.

  • Multi Information View

    Utilize multiple HDR monitoring tools simultaneously without obstructing the displayed image.

18” Display with Exceptional Brightness

18” Display with Exceptional Brightness

The DP-V1830 features an 18-inch 4K UHD LCD Panel with full-screen and uniform brightness up to 1,000 cd/m². Complimented by an ultra-low black level of 0.001 cd/m², this monitor produces flawless HDR performance and accuracy.

Faithful Colour Reproduction and Detailed HDR Image Quality

Canon’s advanced display and local dimming technology provides cutting-edge brightness, detailed shadows and wide colour gamut across the entire screen. Producing exceptional HDR content, achieving Dolby Vision certification and Grade1A in EBU TECH3320 standards1.

1 Grade 1A rating achieved for contrast ratio, peak luminance, black level, luminance uniformity and delay time.

Faithful Colour Reproduction and Detailed HDR Image Quality
Simultaneous Dual/Quad Display and 8K Support

Simultaneous Dual/Quad Display and 8K Support

The DP-V1830 supports simultaneous viewing up to 4K in either Dual or Quad array for consolidated multi-cam monitoring. This function supports the viewing of both SDI and HDMI signals simultaneously, as well as individual Picture Profiles or User LUTs for each input*. The monitor is also capable of supporting 8K video signals, ready for future high-resolution workflows.

*Available in July 2022 Firmware

In-built SDI Switcher

The DP-V1830 features a MULTI-FUNC SDI Output* that enables the device to act as a 4-way SDI input switcher, making multi-camera productions more efficient. This in-built switcher can support a variety of workflow applications such as sending an output feed to a director’s monitor, external recorder or live steaming solution.

*Paid licence required, available from July 2022 Firmware

Canon Camera
Lightweight and Portable Design

Lightweight and Portable Design

A compact 7.5kg body makes the DP-V1830 ideal for productions on the move. Options for DC input, VESA and 19” rackmount installation provides exceptional flexibility.

Uncompromised Connectivity for Easy Integration

The DP-V1830 is equipped with 1x HDMI input and 12G-SDI Terminals (4x Inputs and 4x Outputs) capable of delivering 4K60P 4:2:2 10-bit or 4K30P 4:4:4 12-bit signals, ideal for seamless integration into multiple workflows.

Canon Camera
Canon Camera

Remote Control/ Multi-Display Link*

For further flexibility and convenient control, the DP-V1830 can be linked to a computer, tablet or smartphone (via a LAN connection) to enable the Remote Control Web UI. This touch-optimized user interface allows for live image viewing, detailed signal information and direct control over inputs, monitoring tools and settings. In addition, users can link multiple Canon Displays together via a local network to adjust image settings or switch inputs at the same time.

*Available in July 2022 Firmware


What’s in the box?

  • DP-V1830 Monitor

  • Set-up Guide

  • Caution Leaflet

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