8K Cinematic Full Frame video

Capture incredible detail with low-noise thanks to a full-frame sensor delivering 8K video recording up to 30fps (or 60fps with an external power supply), oversampled 4K / Full HD content and captivating 4K slow-motion content up to 120fps.

Ultimate 8K quality, ultimate creative expression

The EOS R5 C can capture incredibly captivating 8K DCI RAW video in 12-bit, while utilising the whole width of the full-frame sensor for a truly cinematic experience. Capturing four times the detail of 4K, the EOS R5 C provides outstanding 8K footage up to 30fps. Through using an external power supply the EOS R5 C offers 8K up to 60fps, opening all-new creative opportunities in post-production. The entire 8K full-frame sensor can also be used for oversampling 4K or Full HD footage, producing exceptional clarity with low noise.


4K up to 120fps with auto focus and audio

Alongside the EOS R5 C’s powerful 8K capabilities, it can also capture 4K content up to 120fps for immersive slow-motion with stunning detail. While recording in this mode, the EOS R5 C maintains Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus functionality, to ensure each individual frame remains sharp. In addition, audio recording can also be enabled while recording at high frame rates.


Dual Base ISO

The EOS R5 C is the first Cinema EOS camera to offer Dual Base ISO functionality. Dual Base ISO expands sensitivity and minimises noise when shooting in low light environments. Options of 800/3200 ISO are available when shooting in Canon Log 3, and 400/1600 ISO when shooting in BT.709 Wide DR, PQ and HLG. Selecting the most suitable Base ISO for a certain lighting scenario will ensure optimal dynamic range and low noise, while users can also choose ‘Auto Selection’ for the camera to intuitively switch Base ISO automatically.


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