Connect with your audience

The EOS R7 is a highly connected camera, able to link with Wi-Fi® networks, smart devices, and PC/Mac computers. Get your content to where it needs to be, fast, and enjoy incredible levels of remote camera control.
Canon EOS R7 - Connect with audience

Take your workflow on the road

The EOS R7 can maintain an ‘always-on’ Bluetooth® Low Energy link with your smartphone, so making it quick and easy to get connected with Wi-Fi®. Browse files, download and edit images and video, and post content to social media – all from the device in the palm of your hand. Working professionally? You can also send reduced- or full-size images and video straight to your client via the Canon Camera Connect app, beating the competition.

The camera can also connect to Wi-Fi® networks independently, without the need for a smartphone. From here, images can be transferred to our on-line gateway where they are stored in the cloud, ready for editing and post production. Set the camera to transfer all images or only those tagged as favourites.


Next generation USB-C

The EOS R7 also features USB-C 3.2 for high-speed tethered shooting to an Apple iPhone1 via its Lightning port or to a PC/Mac computer running Canon EOS Utility software.

Going live in 3, 2, 1…

Vloggers will love the EOS R7 ability to live-stream superb quality video straight to YouTube – no computer required2. Simply connect the camera directly to a Wi-Fi® network for professional results that will leave your followers suitably impressed.

Once registered with our service (simply use a phone to scan a QR code on the back of the camera), EOS R7 users can connect to the YouTube site using the data forwarding service.

Since the EOS R7 features a clean HDMI output, it can also live stream via HDMI adapters or you can use your PC/Mac running EOS Utility software to connect to common video conferencing platforms.

Canon EOS R7 - Vlogging

Remote controlled creativity

Whether your EOS R7 is connected to your smart device or you PC/Mac, you can control it remotely, opening up new ways of creative shooting.

On location

The Canon Camera Connect app gives extraordinary remote control over your EOS R7. See what the camera sees, adjust its settings and capture photos and video with a single tap of the screen.

Working in this way lets you put your camera in one place while you shoot from another, for instance when shooting selfies or group shots. It’s also a great approach for wildlife photography: place your EOS R7 close to a place you know is visited by animals, then shoot from a distance to avoid scaring them.

In the studio

When shooting still-life, macro and food photography in the controlled environment of the studio, the EOS R7 can be controlled from a desktop or laptop computer running our EOS Utility software, Canon SDK (software development kit) or third-party applications.

See exactly what the camera is seeing on the same screen you’ll use for post-production work, letting you get composition absolutely perfect. Adjust camera settings with EOS Utility’s intuitive interface and capture images that can be saved to card, to computer, or to both.

On the movie set

Control the EOS R7 via the app while shooting video and create effects that usually require a full film crew. Such as focus pulling: just tap the screen of the connected device to refocus the camera on a new subject. The change of focus will be smooth and steady – just like you see on the big screen.

The latest firmware

The EOS R7 firmware can be updated through the Canon Connect app too, so you can stay current with the latest features

  1. Apple, Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPhone, and Lightning are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. tvOS is a trademark of Apple Inc
  2. The livestream service of the camera only supports livestream on YouTube. Before using the livestream service, registration is required. Check YouTube for the latest requirements. The live streaming on YouTube may be changed, stopped or terminated without notice. Canon assumes no responsibility for any services provided by third parties, including their live distribution on YouTube.
  3. Service will be launched in late July 2022 and camera firmware update will be required

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