IRISXtract™ automatically classifies your documents and extracts the essential data.

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Optimise document processing

Transfer relevant information to your applications faster and more efficiently than ever with our innovative, AI-based business process optimisation platform.

Key Benefits

Benefits Benefits

Lighten your workload

Benefits Benefits

Reduce operational costs

Benefits Benefits

Increase your efficiency

Benefits Benefits

Optimise business processes

AI-based document classification

An innovative AI-based classification engine allows you to scan or import large batches of mixed documents without the need for any manual preparation (recognition and separation).

Intelligent data extraction

Data capture and extraction is based on a free-form, full-text approach, meaning no templates, manual configuration or complicated training.

Seamless integration

IRISXtract™ fits in with the way you run your business, integrating seamlessly with most 3rd party applications.


Highly scalable

Whatever documents you need to process and however many, IRISXtract™ copes effortlessly with every demand.

Flexible platform

IRISXtract™ can be installed on-premise or accessed via the cloud and supports both Multi-Application (different processes simultaneously) and Multi-Tenancy (same process for different customers) usage.

Canon owned

The IRISXtract™ platform and its underlying technologies, such as document OCR and compression, are developed within the Canon Group, for added peace of mind.


Key Features

Key Features Key Features

AI-based Document Classification

Key Features Key Features

Intelligent Data Extraction

Key Features Key Features

Multi-Application & Multi-Channel

Key Features Key Features

Efficient Implementation

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IRISXtract™ Document Processing Applications

A number of pre-designed IRISXtract™ configurations have been developed to address specific applications. Learn how directly on dedicated IRISXtract™ sites.

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