A woman lifts a Canon EOS 250D to take a photo of her daughter.


How to get perfect family photos in a click with the Canon EOS 250D

Photographs of your family are time capsules that you will look back on for the rest of your life – so it stands to reason that you want the images to be as sharp and vibrant as the moment that they were taken.

Children growing, pets playing or twilight excursions – for family photos that stand the test of time, you need a camera that's small in size but big on features. Whether it's 4K video, low-light capabilities, a large choice of frame rates, or Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus (AF), modern imaging technology allows you to capture every moment, everywhere, and make beautiful memories in a click.

Here, one family explore the features of the world's lightest DSLR with a movable screen*, demonstrating the features and functionality of the Canon EOS 250D with impressive results.

Find more exciting perspectives

When it comes to shooting family portraits, composition is key. Finding the right angle is important to show your subjects at their best, and the Canon EOS 250D's Vari-Angle touchscreen gives you the flexibility to find unusual views. It's fully articulated, which means you can angle it to shoot from any vantage point. This allows you to get creative with your compositions and, for instance, photograph children from their eye level, or turn it around to get yourself in the picture too.

The touchscreen allows you to work quickly by touching the area of the frame you want to be in focus, and make other adjustments to your settings, so you don't miss a moment.

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Print your family's life story


Print your family's life story

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If you want to concentrate on your framing and composition, let the camera take control of the rest. When you set it to Auto mode, the Canon EOS 250D will gauge the light and determine the best exposure settings for your image. It will choose the best combination of shutter speed, aperture and ISO to deliver an image with perfect tones.

Choose your own style with Creative Assist

When on the move, Auto mode can be a useful tool to capture fleeting moments. But if you want to take more control over the creative process, Canon's Guided User Interface makes it easy to explore a camera's shooting options – find hints and tips and insight into how settings perform.

The Canon EOS 250D has an additional feature: Creative Assist. This helps you take your images a step further and give them your own personal style. To help you take better photographs, Creative Assist has a suite of effects, filters and colour adjustment tools that you can apply to an image before or after it is taken. Try a black-and-white filter to give your family portraits a timeless, classic look. Or to capture the excitement of a family holiday, try a filter with strong, vibrant colours.

When you're shooting outdoor portraits in bright conditions, shadowed faces can often come out too dark. The Canon EOS 250D features a built-in pop-up flash that you can use as 'fill light'. This gives you just enough light to fill in the shadows on your subject's face without affecting the overall exposure.

If you want to take your photography lighting to the next level, the Canon EOS 250D features a hot-shoe, on which you can mount one of Canon's Speedlite flashes for more intense and precise lighting.

Get creative in any conditions

Dinners, parties, Christmas Eve… many family occasions happen in low light! Using a flash often can risk producing a washed-out scene, and it can be impractical to use a tripod and a long exposure setting. The answer is to rely on the ISO capabilities that modern technology provides with great colour and sharpness throughout the range.

The Canon EOS 250D offers outstanding results in low light, with an ISO range of 100-25,600, expandable to ISO 51,200. And this isn't restricted to stills – the Canon EOS 250D allows you to capture videos in challenging light too, offering up to ISO 12,800 for video when shooting at 1080p (Full HD), or up to ISO 6,400 at 4K.

Compose, get creative, and capture the moment whatever the light!

Then, when it comes to sharing your image, connectivity is a modern-day essential. The Canon EOS 250D enables you to share your images straight to your smartphone as soon as you take them. Use the Canon Camera Connect app to connect to the camera, then transfer the images to share your memories with friends and family.

Want to find out even more about how to take great pictures with your Canon EOS 250D? You'll find information, ideas and inspiration in the Canon Photo Companion app.

Written by Jeff Meyer

*EOS 250D (Black/Silver) is the world's lightest among all the digital single-lens reflex APS-C size sensor cameras with a fully articulated LCD monitor. Including battery and memory card as per CIPA guidelines. As of 9 April 2019 (researched by Canon).

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