Built small and tough, Canon’s new ML-105 EF captures in the dark

London, UK, 04 November 2020 – Canon Europe today announces the ML-105 EF, a powerful, multi-purpose camera capable of capturing 2.07 megapixel resolution footage in the dark. Building on the success of the Emmy award-winning ME20F-SH, Canon’s new ML-105 EF achieves equivalent low-light performance in a smaller and lighter body, making it an ideal surveillance camera. The discreet camera body is fortified with a robust build that is shock, dust and water resistant, and can withstand extreme climates. Designed to seamlessly fit into existing systems, the ML-105 EF - one of four model variants - employs an SDI terminal and leverages Canon’s EF Mount, giving system integrators a greater choice of lenses to meet their needs.

Low-light performance
With a maximum ISO of 4 million, the ML-105 EF delivers amazing low-light sensitivity to capture subjects illuminated with less than 0.0005 lux. The 2.07 MP Full Frame 35mm CMOS sensor creates sharp images, with low noise, even in extreme darkness. This feature makes the ML-105 EF ideal for capturing clear images, even at night, such as when shooting wildlife documentaries or mission critical surveillance.

Compact and rugged
Small, yet robust, the ML-105 EF camera weighs just 800 grams with dimensions of approximately 76 x 76 x 112mm – making it a streamlined, portable solution which can also be comfortably mounted onto a drone or vehicle, giving more dynamic and flexible options for shooting. Its compact form is 50 per cent smaller and 30 per cent lighter than the highly regarded ME20F-SH. With a water and dust resistant design, this pocketable camera can comfortably move between arid deserts and rain-soaked landscapes, all while withstanding extreme temperatures as low as -20˚c to over 50˚c. This camera has the added benefit of vibration and shock proofing. Likewise, for instances when it’s essential to quickly pack up the camera and pull out cables, the ML-105 EF uses a durable ODU terminal.

The EF Mount allows the ML-105 EF to seamlessly fit into a standard workflow and gives users the choice of a full line-up of lenses to meet their needs. Particularly beneficial for capturing distant subjects, this compact camera supports Canon’s EF super telephoto lenses for a solution that can capture subjects hundreds of metres away in low-light. With versatility in mind, the ML-105 EF is compatible with a range of third-party filters including an IR cut filter, Band Pass filter, IR Pass filter and ND filter to achieve the same high image quality in every scenario. This model employs an SDI port - the most commonly used video output interface – to effortlessly integrate with existing infrastructure.

Bolstering the range
Alongside the ML-105 EF, three other lightweight cameras will join Canon’s range of multi-purpose cameras; the ML-100 EF, ML-100 M58 and ML-105 M58. For enhanced portability, all models adopt a new, more compact footprint than the award-winning ME20F-SH. The ML-100 EF and ML-100 M58 models leverage the all-in-one CoaXPress cable and support the Canon EF Mount and General M58 Mount respectively. The ML-105 M58 features SDI connectivity, whilst also employing the General M58 Mount.

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ML-105 EF Key Features:

  • Impressive low-light shooting capabilities: captures up to ISO 4 million in environments with a minimum illumination level of 0.0005 lux
  • Small and compact: dimensions of 76 mm x 76 mm x 112 mm, and weight of 800grams
  • Robust and reliable: dust, shock, vibration and water resistant, and can withstand extreme temperatures from -20˚c to over 50˚c
  • Compatible with large EF lens range: compatible with a vast array of EF lenses thanks to the EF Mount
  • Seamless workflow: integration into existing video systems thanks to SDI connectivity
  • High resolution: Full HD at 1080p video
  • Outstanding image quality: 2.07MP 35mm Full Frame CMOS sensor offering a high dynamic range