Canon Xeed Projector Lenses

With a wealth of experience in optical design and manufacture, all XEED projectors incorporate the latest Canon genuine lenses.

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Advanced optical engineering

Canon XEED lenses utilise Ultra-low Dispersion (UD) glass and aspherical elements for outstanding performance. These advanced optics promise outstanding brightness, pinsharp clarity and vivid colour for a wide range of applications.

Sophisticated Lens Design

XEED projection lenses feature sophisticated optical elements for flawless, crisp, high-contrast images that are rich in colour and detail. Their versatility allows you to project in small spaces or from long distances to the screen.

lens design

Easy Spigot Fitting

For quick and easy installation, the new platform lenses adapt the secure spigot fitting as used on broadcast lenses. Unlike spring bayonet fittings there is no optical axis shift leading to blurring, so image quality is maintained.

Close-up side view of Canon Projector

Minimal Brightness Loss

Canon XEED interchangeable lenses are designed to perform at the very highest quality and minimise brightness loss throughout the entire zoom range, unlike other manufacturers that may lose up to 20% light output.

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Depth of Field

Images appear crisp, clear and in focus all the way to the very edges of the screen.

Low Distortion

Canon XEED projector lenses greatly reduce distortion, keeping the image edges straight.

Low Aberration

Advanced optical elements reduce aberrations to a minimum for sharp, precise reproduction.

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Motorised Lens Shift

Motorised lens shift offers up to +/-90% vertical and +/-30% horizontal with no distortion.

Motorised Zoom and Focus

Setup can be achieved quickly with outstanding results, even in multi-projection installations.

Ultra-Wide Short Focus Lens

The RS-SL06UW lens with marginal focus is ideal for curved screen projections.

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Additional features

MPU installed in lens

With the processor in the lens, performance is improved for better operation.

Memory Lens Function

Up to three lens positions may be saved and recalled with the remote control.

Constant brightness

Fixed lenses with no loss in brightness regardless of the installation position.

Lens range

RS-SL01ST Canon standard zoom projector lens


A 1.5x standard zoom lens with spigot fitment capable of projecting an image with a projection ratio of 1.49 – 2.24:1

RS-SL02LZ Canon long zoom projector lens


A 1.7x long zoom lens with spigot fitment capable of projecting a long view at a projection ratio of 2.19 – 3.74:1

RS-SL03WF Canon wide fixed projector lens


A wide fixed lens with spigot fitment capable of projecting a 100” image from only 1.7m having a projection ratio of only 0.8:1

RS-SL04UL Canon ultra-long zoom projector lens


A 1.97x ultra-long zoom lens with spigot fitment capable of projecting up to 89m with a throw ratio of 3.55 – 6.94:1

RS-SL05WZ Canon Wide and flexible zoom projector lens


A 1.5x wide-zoom lens with spigot fitment capable of projecting a wide angle of view at a projection ratio of 1.0 – 1.5:1

RS-SL06UV Canon Ultra-wide projector lens


An ultra-wide fixed lens with spigot fitment, a huge -15% to +75% lens shift and a projection ratio of only 0.54:1 plus marginal focus function



Industry’s highest level 4K resolution. A standard throw, 4K lens with a projection ratio of 1.34 – 2.35:1 and 1.7x zoom

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