Lightning-quick connectivity that puts you in first place

When every second counts, the EOS R3 puts you ahead of the game. Superb connectivity lets you transmit pictures to your client fast, whether you work with Wi-Fi, ethernet or mobile phone. You won’t just meet your deadline, you’ll beat it by miles.

Transmit images as you shoot

Use Wi-Fi or ethernet to transmit images to your agency or client in real time, thanks to FTP support. The secure protocols SFTP1 and FTPS are supported, so your images are safe at all times. The EOS R3 supports the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, making use of both 2.4GHz and 5GHz2 bands for extended range and reduced interference. The WPA3 Wi-Fi security standard is also in place.

When shooting from ethernet-equipped venues, the camera’s RJ-45 terminal ensures the fastest, most stable connection possible (up to 1000BASE-T), helping you get images and video to where it’s needed as fast as possible.

The EOS R3 takes many of its network capabilities from our award-winning EOS-1D X Mark III. In fact, the two cameras can interchange network settings via memory card, so agencies can provide set-up configurations prior to an event.

To help make set-up even faster, especially in venues that you’ve already worked in, up to 20 groups of network settings can be stored in the camera for instant recall, which can be for ftp servers, local computers of smartphones.

When the EOS R3 transmits image or video files, voice tags, star ratings and in-camera crop adjustments are also transmitted, saving time for picture editors battling to get your work on-line first.

In partnership with your smartphone

An always-on, Bluetooth Low Energy v5 connection with your smart device allows images to be transferred automatically to a phone or tablet as you shoot. Transmit them quickly to clients or share on-line for your followers.

Our Mobile File Transfer app allows the transition of images to FTP servers when Wi-Fi networks are not available. Whether you shoot with Android or iOS devices, simply connect with Wi-Fi or a USB cable to begin uploading. Images can be tagged, and metadata templates applied – yet another way that the EOS R3 helps you to get ahead of the competition.

The Camera Connect App now offers an additional feature to update your camera’s firmware from the app, so it’s even easier to keep your camera up to date.


MFT App Home Screen

Review, transfer, or tag images. Apply a metadata template to your images.

Connect your smartphone to the EOS R3 for integration with apps including the MFT app for efficient file transfer.

Multiple GNSS support

The EOS R3’s built-in GPS geotags each image with your location, and keeps the internal clock accurate. It supports a number of satellite systems including GPS, GLONASS, as well as MICHIBIKI Quasi-Zenith satellites for more versatile positioning data.

Remote camera control

Your smart device can also be used to remotely control the EOS R3, helping you shoot from those exciting, hard-to-get-to viewpoints. You’ll be able to adjust settings, see what the camera is seeing and capture pictures and video all from the screen of your phone or tablet. The EOS R3 is Apple MFI certified too, so it can connect directly to your iPhone via a USB- Lightning cable. Android devices can be connected via USB 3.

Our free EOS Utility software also allows remote camera control from a Mac or PC too – just connect using USB 3.2, Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Images can be saved to memory card, computer or both – ideal for work in controlled conditions.

Need a bit more range? The EOS R3’s Remote Browser function (available when connected by ethernet) allows it to be controlled across networks. Images can be captured remotely and files downloaded. Settings (including FTP details) can be adjusted even when the camera’s in use.

Protect image transfer

Useful for many news and sports photographers is the option to automatically “protect” images which have been sent to a FTP server. Protecting images means they are locked and can’t be accidentally deleted and are easily to identify which images were sent to a client, when they are all transferred to your computer after the shoot.


Cloud support

The EOS R3 also supports cloud storage platforms, thanks to our innovative gateway. The camera even uploads picture and video files automatically, so they are ready in your imaging workflow when you return from a shoot.

Store unlimited photos (including RAW files) online at for up to 30 days before deciding which to move to another cloud service, such as Google Drive, or Adobe Cloud.

  1. 5GHz support is not available in all regions
  2. SFTP is available via ethernet only

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