Canon expands network camera range with launch of new 2MP cameras at IFSEC 2016

London, UK, 21st June 2016 – Canon Europe, world leader in imaging solutions, today announces the launch of eight new 2MP network cameras, unveiled at IFSEC 2016. The new range includes an outdoor 360 degree endless panning model with 30x optical zoom and fast autofocus, and two new fixed box “bullet” models with 20x optical zoom, a first for Canon.

All eight new models will be on display alongside the recently announced VB-H651V and Canon’s flagship low light network camera, the VB-M50B, capable of recording bright, clear images in low light conditions, particularly at the telephoto end.

Julian Rutland, EMEA Marketing Director, NVS, Canon Europe, says, “The security market is always diversifying and evolving, yet achieving high image quality, particularly in low light conditions, remains a key priority in the industry. Our new cameras are a potent addition to our existing range, with all of the new devices benefitting from updated technology and high quality lenses. They demonstrate the range and imaging excellence typical of Canon technology and offer integrators and installers the ability to provide bespoke solutions for their customers across a range of vertical industries.”

Outstanding image quality
The new high-sensitivity 2MP CMOS sensor allows the cameras to capture Full HD images, even in increasingly challenging low light conditions. This is essential for a range of security applications, from city surveillance to critical infrastructure, where accurately identifying the faces of individuals or details on a vehicle number plate can provide invaluable evidence.

The VB-R13VE, an outdoor vandal resistant 360 degree PTZ camera, also incorporates a 30x optical zoom lens with a fast autofocus to keep images in pristine clarity. Coupled with an Ultra-low Dispersion lens, which prevents image distortion from aberrations in the glass, the camera is capable of providing crisp, clear images. This allows for precision imaging and remarkable colour accuracy that results in clear video ideal for critical infrastructure applications.

New technology and features
All of the cameras feature Motion-Adaptive Noise Reduction, a new Canon technology that automatically adjusts noise reduction upon detecting motion within the scene. By dynamically adjusting noise reduction in real time, depending on the scenario and requirements, Motion-Adaptive Noise Reduction reduces noise levels and respective video data size without a loss of quality.

A new graphical user interface (GUI) and dedicated embedded Mobile Viewer have been added to support multiple compatible browsers and mobile devices, designed to offer installers and end-users easy, wireless access to the cameras’ features and functionality, making setup easier.

Unique features by model include:

Continuous 360 degree panning cameras:

  • VB-R13VE & VB-R12VE (outdoor with high-end vandal and weather resistance), VB-R13 (indoor): PTZ speed dome network cameras featuring 30x optical zoom, 360 degree endless panning capabilities, fast autofocus and 450 degree per second high-speed precision PT control to provide maximum visual coverage and ensure effective monitoring of a wide variety of challenging environments. Thanks to Canon’s Enhanced Digital Zoom technology, the cameras can also offer an equivalent 120x zoom when streaming at low resolutions

Bullet cameras:

  • VB-H761LVE & VB-H760VE : Outdoor fixed box cameras (IK09 rated) featuring a 20x optical zoom lens, as well as low light performance down to 0.06lx (colour). The VB-761LVE provides lowlight performance in mono down to 0.04lx while the VB-H760VE produces crisp mono images down to 0.003lx without the aid of IR. The VB-761LVE also features Clear IR Mode, which reduces haze and heat shimmering effects to produce clean, clear monochrome images of distant scenery
  • VB-H751LE : Outdoor fixed box camera with an ultra-wide 124.3 degree angle of view, 2.4x zoom lens and low light performance to 0.035lx (colour) and 0.002x (mono), with built-in IR capabilities to allow round-the-clock high quality surveillance

Fixed dome cameras:

  • H-652LVE : Outdoor vandal resistant dome camera (Ik10 rated) with IR LED illumination, featuring a wide 122 degree angle of view, IP66 rated water-tight housing, tamper-proof screws, an anti-fog airflow design and an optional heater unit
  • H-651VE : Outdoor vandal resistant dome camera (IK10 rated) featuring 2.4x optical zoom, wide 122.5 degree angle of view, and low light performance down to 0.035lx (colour) and 0.002lx (mono) 

Both outdoor bullet and fixed dome cameras are designed to work in a range of challenging weather environments, including near salt water or in colder areas that may be prone to frost

All the new cameras are compatible with ONVIF Profiles S and G allowing for simple integration with the majority of VMS platforms, and the recording, searching and play-back of footage from the edge recording device.

Customers, VMS partners and system integrators can find out more information about Canon’s network camera product range at Canon’s IFSEC stand, F500, or online here: